Things in the past that show you that your doubts started earlier than you thought

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  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    I had a hard time understanding Noah and the flood. It just didn't make sence! There are too many different animals. I remember a Bethelite showing me a replica trying to prove it could happen. I said how would 8 people care for them all? He said Jehovah's help.... then catch all for explaining the imposable.

    The Revalation book is all BS! I knew that the 1st 2nd 3rd time we studied that!

  • Phizzy

    I wonder if the Revelation book is responsible, more than any other single piece of WT literature in modern times, for the highest number of people to suddenly sit up and cry "Bulls**T !" ?

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    This truly is a great thread, it has made me really think back and realize that there were many times I questioned things but I was told not to question and wait on Jehovah. Who was I to doubt, just wait and Jehovah and He will revile it in the future. I remember this one example of a person who had a huge problem with something that was being taught and this person waited on Jehovah and over 20 years latter it came out in one of the WT's the answer this person needed. He/She was just so very glad they stayed in Jehovah's ark the whole time instead of being stumbled out.

    I was told I should be like that. Stupidly I listened.


  • LongHairGal

    Thanks for resurrecting a good thread. There were many things back then that set off an alarm in my brain and I can't remember everything but these stand out in my mind:

    -Never liking or feeling comfortable with the culture and mentality of the religion. I couldn't even be myself around these people. Too much criticism, intrusiveness, paranoia and people's opinions. (And this was before I was even wise to all the users and the horrible attitude towards single women.) At this point I was still optimistic and trying! Stupid me.

    -I always felt the magazines were more suited to grade school reading along the lines of Dick and Jane. This all goes along with their fear of higher education. I also thought it was unnatural to spend the amount of time they suggested on "studying" their publications. How in the world was anything else going to get done?

    -Feeling like they were in a fantasy land playing a game of pretend and wanting us to believe the religion was like a little village in Israel or something. Meanwhile, I had to go out and function in the real world.

    -I never quite accepted that somehow I was responsible for other people being saved. I suppose this is a guilt mechanism to get people to compulsively go out in service on a never-ending treadmill. I wondered then who was responsible for me? Ridiculous, really.

    -As time went on I saw how they were elevating the elders and themselves higher and higher and they did not like to be criticized or questioned.

    -Then came that 1995 changed teaching on generation and it all came crashing down! The religion should have packed it in as far as I was concerned because it was definitely over.

  • winstonchurchill

    Oh, don't get me started!

    My non-witness dad (I refuse to cal him 'worldly'). I just never accepted that great man didn't deserve everlasting blessing form god, wheras the scumbags in the congregation were in the path of salvation.

    In the 70's it was empahized in the WT magazine how people turned away from religious hipocrisy. But that's what I saw inside the congregation! And when a conversation goes on about suh hipocrisy, there's always someone who says "Well, that just proves Jehovah is directing us, because with so many imperfect men and the organization is still growing and working perfectly". I think to myself, well you could say the same about the Catholic Church.

  • stuckinamovement

    Winston you have a PM

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