Goodbye Everybody!

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  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Greetings everyone!

    After thinking things over I have realized that the time has now come for me to say goodbye to JWD.

    Some personal reminiscing about all of the people I have enjoyed talking with on JWD reminds me why it is time to go. Simply speaking, most of my good friends are no longer here. In this respect I tend to feel a bit out of place. I suppose that's what happens when people move on in life.

    I should note that my own life has really changed over the past few years. I dissassociated in 2007, had a child in 2008, sold a business I owned for 7 years, went back to college, completed my degree, worked for a U.S. Senator, and a great deal more. I'm very grateful that I have been able to do all of this before I turned 28! I now have a whole new set of challenges ahead of me, none of which have much to do with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Moving on from JWD seems to be the final step.

    I would like to thank a number of JWD members (here and gone) for all the great conversations we have had over the years. Many of you helped me get through some very difficult times, especially when I was helping my JW wife out of the organization. Others served as a source of encouragement and inspiration. Please know that I'll will never forget this place.

    And now the thank you list. In no particular order:

    - AuldSoul: Are you still out there? Hope everything is good with the family!

    - TD: Great conversations, keep on thinking...

    - AlmostAthiest: Funniest JWD poster ever.

    - Leolaia: I have thanked you enough in the past ;)

    - Stillawitness: Shared some rough times. Hope all is well.

    - Seeker4: All around good guy!

    - Narkissos: So very helpful. I hope you are ok. I’m actually a bit worried (anybody know what happened to Didier?).

    - PeacefulPete: Can’t thank you enough for calling out some of the b.s. I posted when I first joined. Really miss you bud.

    - Jgnat: Articulate and compassionate.

    - AllTimeJeff: I know where you are ;)

    - Confession: Haven’t seen you in a while, hope all is well.

    - Dansk: R.I.P.

    - Little Toe : JWD’s finest Calvinist theologian (anybody know where I can find Ross?).

    - HappyDad: Hope you are still ok.

    - Mouthy: Your faith has made you well.

    - Lovelylil: You can be pretty intense!

    - Blondie: I don’t know how you keep reading those magazines. Good luck!

    - Atlantis : Keep on sharing your massive pdf collection!

    - Minimus : I can't believe you have posted here that much, or maybe I can believe it ;)

    - AK – Jeff : You’ll find what you’re looking for, I’m sure of it.

    - Dogpatch: You know were to find me ;)

    - Terry: Best JW inspired synth music I have ever heard.

    - Arthur / Jeremy C: I know your not reading this.

    - OnTheWayOut: Don’t know if you noticed. You’re not “on the way out” anymore.

    - Open Mind: I’m so happy that you were able to break free. Good luck to you and your family!

    Last but not least, a big special thank you to Simon. While I have no idea why you have put up with running this forum as long as you have, I am grateful that you did. I hope the favicon I made for the site lasts a good long time!

    It’s very possible that I have missed thanking somebody I would have liked to thank. The only other posts I will be making are on this thread are to thank people I may have missed.

    If anybody would like to keep in touch with me, facebook is probably the best. Send me an email and I will give you the link to my account: [email protected]

    Take care everyone!

    - Drew Sagan

    of the ex-ex-jehovah's witness class

    (Active JWD member from 12/6/2005 – 6/29/2010)

    “A cult is a religion with no political power” – Tom Wolfe

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Good luck to you Drew Sagan. You will do fine no matter what it is.

    Think About It

  • ziddina

    Whadaya mean, "Goodbye"??? Aren't ya gonna pop in again from time to time???



    Have a good Vacation..

    See you next week on JWN..

    ....................... ...OUTLAW

  • Lozhasleft

    Aw ....everyone is leaving!!! Sooo sad...I dont know you well but I do wish you the best in your future...take good care of yourself....

    Loz x

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan


    I knew I would forget some people.

    Thanks for always being a smart ass!


    Moony 1

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • jwfacts

    Sad to see you going. As you mention, a lot of the deeper posters have moved on, which has changed the feel of the board. All the best in the real world.

  • Scully
  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Wow jwfacts, you joined the board around the same time I did. You're another one I forgot to mention. Please know that I always appreciated your thoughts and comments.

    More people I would like to send a big special thank you to:



    compound complex


    You guys are great!

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