Staunch JW Niece,getting a gastric bypass for obesity

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  • aquagirl

    So,why dont they all just wait for the "new system"Surely,Jehovahs wouldnt allow 350lbs+ women to suffer too long,would he? For that matter,if it is so close,why even have any medical attention at all?

  • yknot

    ..... I agree.... in theory

    Makes you wonder why don't we adopt our cousin's the 7th Day adventist's stance on heath.

    On a silver lining note.... maybe the weight loss we awaken her!

  • WTWizard

    I think there are less drastic measures. First, has anyone ever noticed how many of the witlesses are fat? Compared to regular people? This should be a clue that something about being one has to either lend to getting fat, prevent losing weight, or both. And I can list quite a few here.

    First, sleep deprivation. It is no secret that most witlesses do not get enough sleep. They have crap jobs that force them to work long hours, then they have a big fat boasting session in the middle of their sleep. They never get a day off--always a boasting session or field circus to waste their time. They even acknowledge that sleep deprivation leads to, or makes worse, obesity (see the February 22, 2004 Asleep!). Mainstream science also acknowledges that sleep deprivation is like having diabetes.

    Now, throw in some stress. A talk to prepare. Having to worry about that song or movie stumbling others. Getting hounded for not doing enough field circus last month. Getting hounded to do field circus on the 3rd of the month. Children being hounded to be baptized at age 6 and then pio-sneer every time they can. Not being able to enjoy normal things. Worrying oneself sick because those Christmas songs are coming up. Is it any wonder why witlesses have such a hard time with their weight?

    And they cannot do much about it. Go to the gym, and prepare for Brother Hounder to lecture you about field circus. I remember a "sister" having good results with Tae Bo--until another "sister" said that it was martial arts. Field circus, whether you like it or not, is not good exercise. You are driving around, then you get out and walk slowly and go up and down a few stairs, stand at the door, warm up, go get some coffee and doughnuts, do a few more doors--you are not going to lose any weight that way. To lose weight with walking, you need a full hour of relatively continuous walking. You need to be moving at a brisk, steady pace (there should be noticeable effort, but not to where you are out of breath).

    Along with lack of proper exercise, how many others have noticed that most witlesses have pxxx poor diets? When I was in the cancer, many witlesses would stop at Pudgie's Pizza for food. Others would go to a store that sells junk food and get some. And, McDonald's is not the place to go to around lunch time if you do not want to be bothered by the witlesses, since they will go in for a Big Mac, fries, a high fructose corn syrup drink, and what not--5-7 days a week. They also seem to eat more than their share of monosodium glutamate TV dinners, which also help pile on and retain the pounds of lard.

    Fix those issues, and there is a good chance of getting the weight under control without surgery (which only adds complications because now they have to stop frequently). And there is still a chance of gaining the weight back even after the operation.

  • PrimateDave

    For all the negativity towards things like tobacco, you would think things that are actually mentioned in the Bible, like gluttony, would actually be disfellowshipping offenses. I hate cigarettes, btw, but I like my pipe tobacco.

  • hamsterbait

    Let me quote a fragment from the pseudepigraph of Hamstergod:

    "God is not slow with regard to his promises. No: He is patient so you have time to get that fat off of your LARD ASS, contribute the money you squander on biscuits and donuts to the WWPPF, and be light enough to flee in terror before the fake special effects of Armageddy." (HB/ Archive 36 vol 7, fol.224)

    The following stuff about greedy cheekpouches cannot be true revelation. The Hamster religion has an evil trickster called the faithful snake - He makes friends then bites you: after which he says: "but you knew I was a snake from "ola". " EVIDENTLY these passages are from that source.


  • hamsterbait

    "Verily verily I say unto you, those weighing 300lbs or more shall by no means pass away..."

    "It shall be as the days of Noah: Those with huge boobs did float above the watery deeps."

    Sorry - I am not unsympathetic to the morbidly obese - but WHO brings them all this food? Who puts it in their mouth? Who swallows? (You can choose then too.)

    The gastric band PROVES that it is how much you eat that puts the weight on. Most people after banding LOSE weight.

    There were no fat people in Belsen.


  • Razziel

    The wife of an elder in my mom's kingdom hall died recently after getting gastric bypass surgery. A couple of months after the surgery she had lost 30-40lbs, so she decided to reward herself and (from what I hear 3rd-hand) had a jug of coke and trashbag-sized popcorn at the local movie theatre. It caused her stomach incision to tear open resulting in an gangrene-type infection that killed her.

  • jwfacts

    As PrimativeDave notes, gluttony is specifically mentioned in the Bible as an offense but smoking is not. Yet in JW lore, gluttony is overlooked but smoking is punished, even though both lead to early death. A great example of how rules based religion fails.

  • dinah

    Isn't "self control" one of those fruitages of the spirit?

    You can get disfellowshipped for smoking, drinking, that's alright and a great way to solve unhappiness for some people.

  • Scully

    Good for her. I wish her much success.

    Obesity isn't "just" a problem among JWs. In the last 20 years or so, many people in the US and Canada have become "fast food" -aholics. Just look at the massive growth in the fast food industry, restaurant chains, take out, and pre-prepared food in the grocery stores. All of it caters to the fast pace of our lifestyle, with both parents working (sometimes more than one job) to make ends meet, activities to ferry kids to constantly, and then - since we are talking about obesity as it relates to the JWs - a religious lifestyle that requires several hours a week of Spiritualâ„¢ activities and preparation for these activities. People don't know how to cook anymore, don't understand portion sizes anymore, and don't know the nutritional value or poverty of the food they consume. And if parents don't know these things, kids aren't learning them either. Couple that with the JW lifestyle of poor education, poor job prospects and low income, it doesn't surprise me that JWs are trying to feed their families on a budget that can't afford fruit and vegetables when you can get a burger, fries and drink for around $5.

    So many people come from families whose parents / grandparents grew up in poverty. I probably heard about needing to clean my plate because of starving children in China or Africa on a daily basis until cleaning my plate became habitual. I'm not the only kid who heard that message either. So even though I grew up having more or less proper portion sizes, I learned that the meal was not over until my plate was clean, not when I was no longer hungry. Throw in the enormous portions that you can get at a restaurant and add to that learned behavior of plate cleaning, and it's no wonder that peoples' waistlines are growing.

    I don't know about you, but growing up JW, exercise was strongly discouraged to me. To try to be fit (and healthy) was equated with vanity, being self-absorbed, haughty, and superficial. Apparently, if you are out walking in the Door-to-Doorâ„¢ work, that is plenty of exercise, and all that you really need.

    Those eating and activity habits are soooo hard to break. And the self-talk messages are even more difficult to overcome. Gastric bypass surgery, while often seen as a measure of last resort, is giving the individual a leg-up (so to speak) to make over-eating darn near impossible. The first month post-op lots of patients lose 20, 30, or up to 40 pounds, which usually CURES Type 2 Diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels, from the clear fluids to full fluid diet that they have to eat while they heal from the surgery. After that, they learn to eat again, gradually increasing the amount of food to the point where they can consume about 1200 calories daily, a half-cup at a time. In order to prevent malnutrition, they have to choose high quality foods over poor quality foods. I work with a few people who have had the surgery and they are thrilled with the results.

    Until you've walked a mile weighing as much as that lady, please set your judgements aside, and simply wish her well.

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