Staunch JW Niece,getting a gastric bypass for obesity

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  • MsDucky

    Amen Sister Scully! You sound just like a nurse!

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  • aquagirl

    Right on Scully! I agree.I am sort of curious abvout the ever changing new light about the"new system".Gawd,when I was a kid,in the borg,you couldnt even dye your hair! The surgery is a brilliant example of how our world is gettingf better,IMHO.It give us a few more options in our lives.

  • aquagirl

    Hampsterbait,you are a ca'hd!Whatchoo smokin'?lol

  • PrimateDave

    I wouldn't say that exercise is discouraged among the Witnesses. Many members of my family have had gym memberships (not at the YMCA, of course). Both my mother and sister have gone to aerobics classes. I've known others who did similar things like cross country running and weight lifting as well. No one that I know of was ever looked down upon for that. The only things that I know of that have been discouraged are martial arts and school sports that go beyond required P.E. classes.

    I think it is stretching things a bit too far to actually blame the JW "lifestyle" for the obesity of some of its members. The way I see it, those JWs who suffer from obesity would have been just as likely to be overweight if they had never been inside a KH.

  • Scully


    Well, all I can say is that the congregation you associated with must have been more open-minded toward fitness than the one I grew up in. "Bodily training is beneficial for a little" they used to quote "But godly devotion is beneficial for ALL things..." - that was drilled into my memory ad nauseum.

    The idea was, apparently, that you only had to be attractive until you got married, and then "that foolishness" needed to stop so you could focus on "the important things", like Field Serviceā„¢.

  • PrimateDave

    lol, Scully! And just how many of those devout Witnesses in your congregation actually devoted all that time they saved to spiritual pursuits? Hey, I'm not doubting you. I just think they were making up excuses for their own lazy butts.

    For what it's worth there can be big differences within families. I have one cousin who is seriously overweight, and so is his wife and son. However, his younger brother who is my age runs cross country. Their father died of obesity related disease. Apparently it makes no difference in their congregations either way. One can be fit or obese and still be an elder or pioneer.

    Anyway, they live in the DC area on the east coast. I'm from an east coast state too. The cultural and possibly ethnic make up of an individual congregation or circuit could affect their attitudes toward exercise. I just don't think it's fair to lay blame at the feet of the GB for this. They have enough to answer for already.

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