WT comment 'people who leave the org who seem happy are fooled by satan?!?'

by darth frosty 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses

    This would be called covering all your bases. If someone leaves the cult and is unhappy, on drugs, promiscuous, etc. it's proof that the world is a evil place. It's proof of what happens when you leave the protection of God's organization.

    If someone leaves the cult and is happy and succesful, well it's because of the trickery of Satan.

    I always let JW's know I'm doing great, never been better. Don't play their shame game. Hold your head up high and refuse to allow them to look down on someone who is no longer in the "Truth". There is no way I will let a brainwashed moron think they're better than me.

  • hamsterbait

    I have sat on buses the subway, on Thursday nights and "Sunday Mornings" (Love that Wallace Stevens poem!! DO YOU KNOW IT????)

    You always know the dubs on the way to the Kingdumb Hell. They never really LOOK at the other passengers, and they ALWAYS look miserable.

    If they thought I knew they would prolly start the Chinese Hamster Grin. (a cult symptom) -- It tries to hide the misery beneath a happy delusional cult face.

    Truly happy people LOOK happy even when nobody is looking at them.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    Let me get this straight I'm not really happy now satan is just fooling me into thinking I am I really should feel miserable and when I was a witness I thought I was miserable but I really was happy because satan was not controlling me

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    Great.. I was just telling my Mother how Happy I was. Now she just has more reason to believe Im an apostate satanist.

  • chickpea

    well, color me hell-bound, because i am
    just one load shy of deliriously happy.....

    satan; who knew he was such a swell guy?

  • MrFreeze

    So Satan wants me to be happy and Jehovah wants me to be miserable? I think I'll side with Satan on this one.

  • aquagirl

    Mr Freeze,seems like a no brainer,dosent it? I agree.

  • gubberningbody

    Being a JW is like being a confused chimp who only thinks he's drinking from a water fountain.



    If that's the koolaid from the WTBS, then what does WTBS stand for. What's This, B.S?

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