WT comment 'people who leave the org who seem happy are fooled by satan?!?'

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    This was a comment made at the past WT study (6/27). From what I know the WT from sunday had something to do with Christ (just read title of blondies comments.)

    SO what was the purpose of such a comment? They had just seen a friend of my who not only left the troof but is doing quite well. I always say when you see witnesses and they ask how are you doing? you should respond GREAT!!!! and have the biggest Kool-aide smile you can muster.

    But the reason I make this post is this: According to this elder my friends prosperity is just a ruse of satan's. But wait...If a elder is found to have been bonking his wife before they were married and they bring it to the body to confess years later...its forgiven on the basis that his life shows he has gods spirit and blessing?!?

    Like all things they use a duality principle here to get there way and condemn at the same time. If someone who commited a sin in the past can be forgiven if he is living a properous life and it appears he has Jah's blessing why does that same principle apply to one who has left and appears to enjot gods blessing?

  • ~Jen~

    If someones life in the "world" is miserable it's because they left Jehovah and don't have his backing. If his life is good, it's because Satan is blinding and fooling them. They have an answer for everything.

  • LongHairGal

    darth frosty,

    Therefore, they must consider the 'normal' condition of a JW to be unhappy, downtrodden, poor, sick, ragged and on meds for depression. This doesn't say much for the religion.

    I think they have a serious jealousy of anybody who is or seems to be prosperous and free (at least free of them anyway). The few times I have gone to a meeting or to the memorial, I am always well-dressed and look nice. Maybe they are talking about me? So, should I have gone there in a poor little sweater with holes and then would they think "she's a real christian because she has the look of somebody who is suffering'? ?

    They are afraid that if the remaining JWs see that somebody who is 'out' seems to be better off they will want to leave the religion also.


    The WBT$ is run by Idiots and Liars..

    If the WBT$ was such a wonderful place..There would be no penaltys for leaving..

    Those who did leave,would want to come back..

    Most people are happy to get away from that Shit Hole..

    ..................... ...OUTLAW

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    If we can be fooled into thinking we are happy.

    they can be fooled into thinking they are right.

    A recent convo with one of my relatives.

    ME, Everything is going well for me, this is the best part of my life so far.

    JW, That is just satan tricking you into believing you are happy, you just don't know it.

    ME, If he can trick people that well, how do you know he is not tricking you?

    JW, Because I know I am serving Jah.

    ME, yeah, that's my point, when someone is fooling you, you don't know you are being fooled, otherwise you wouldn't be fooled.

    JW, yes, he can twist things so that they seem like something it is not.

    ME, Yes, so if that is true, if he can really trick, fool, deceive you into believeing something that is not true, then that means he could be tricking you also.

    JW, (no comment)

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    So I have Satan to thank for my happiness?

  • ambersun

    It's laughable really, isn't it. The world outside the Organisation is such a terrible place under the influence of Satan and devoid of God's spirit. How could any JW possibly be happy if they have left the 'Truth' to go and live in such a dark and dismal environment?

    All us ex JWs who no longer have the GB telling us what to do every day are in a living hell of chaos and misery, devoid of all hope as we hurtle towards this elusive Armageddon which is still sooooooo close.

    The problem is, we don't realise all this is happening because - horror of horrors - we are all being fooled by Satan into believing we are actually living happy, contented, well adjusted and fulfilled lives on our own terms and thinking for ourselves instead of being little robots pandering to the whims of the GB.

    Yes, we are all being tricked into believing we are happy. Let's all hurry back to the Borg quickly before it is too late

  • aquagirl

    I dont know about anyone else,but,even tho my dad died in Dec,I am having the BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE!!!!!! Guess Satan is working overtime on me. Seroiusly,it might be aftershock,but I am sooo blissed out this summer.Everything really is beautiful and cool.

  • ambersun

    Very sorry to hear about your loss aquagirl, but glad to know you are enjoying life outside the organisation.

    Take care xxxxx

  • serenitynow!

    " Guess Satan is working overtime on me. Seroiusly,it might be aftershock,but I am sooo blissed out this summer.Everything really is beautiful and cool."

    That is so cool, good for you!

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