Do you think you have an accent?

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    I have a slightly posh English accent. I'm softly spoken and tend to get good comments when people hear me speak especially in America. The further I travel away from London I notice different accents. I love an accent on a woman - foreign accents are wonderful.


  • finallysomepride

    We all have accents, I learned that when I moved to australia and after a few months I could hear the distinct New Zealand accent from the locals here, lots of kiwis here.

  • digderidoo

    I'm from Dudley, UK. Around here nobody has an accent, it's just that everybody who isn't from Dudley does.


  • BurnTheShips

    I've been told I have, but really, everyone has an accent. We don't all speak Broadcast English.


  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I grew up in new jersey went to college in ohio have lived in texas for 35 yrs I 'm not sure what I sound like at this point now I,m going to move to hampton roads in the fall the mix continues.

  • yknot

    Nope....... but most of YALL do (giggles of denial)

  • undercover

    We all have accents - when we visit other areas. But where I live, I fit right in with everyone else from the area. Now, if I go up North then people notice that I have an accent. They can tell I'm not from there. The same for them when they come South. I know they ain't from 'round here.

    When I travel and someone comments on my accent, I don't mind. I'm sure my accent stands out, especially the further away I get. I remember visiting and meeting people in Philly. They just loved my accent. The girls especially. As long as they don't go on and on about it, it's fine.

    But what kinda pisses me, not kinda, it does piss me off... are people who visit my area and comment on our accents, as if we're the ones out of place. Sorry, buddy, I'm not the one with the accent, YOU are. You're from out of town, so you're the one with the accent. And it happens quite a bit. I don't know what it is about Southern accents but a lot of people not from the South want to comment on it...and some want to make fun of it. Making fun of a Southerners accent while in the South ain't too smart. And we don't all have the same accent. The Southern accent isn't the same all over. It's just like accents up North. Different states...different cities even, have different accents. Put me and LeavingWT and snowbird together in one room and you'll have three distinct accents. We're all Southern but we're from different regions.

  • Lozhasleft

    I have a Northern accent even though I'm actually Welsh...but I can do a Welsh one if I need to...

    Loz x

  • 10p

    In Durban, I had an "english" accent. (ie, not afrikaans or zulu). In New Zealand, I had a South African accent. In Australia, I have a Kiwi accent ('Fush and Chups mate'), and to my old friends from New Zealand AND South Africa, I have a bloody Ozzie accent! At least I don't have a Yankee accent!!!

  • zombie dub
    zombie dub
    I disagree with the statement that 'everyone has an accent'. There are some folks that do not really have 'accents'. Listen to the evening news folks. Very rarely do they have accents that are discernable.

    Thats ridiculous, if i listen to a USA newsreader they have an american accent to me, if you listened to a UK newsreader they would sound like they had an english accent.

    Everyone has an accent.

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