Do you think you have an accent?

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  • wobble

    Highdose you ain't that bloody posh ! I knows where you was borned.

    My wife used to maintain that everybody else spoke with an accent , ours was just correct, she also used to say of someone with what is described as a "cut glass" English accent, "they aren't born talking like that " implying they had taken lessons in how to talk like our dear Queen.

    She now recognizes that we have one of the Kentish accents.

    I find regional accents fascinating, and regional expressions and idioms, we have become so cosmopolitan now that many accents, and languages and dialects are heard on our High Streets, viva la difference !

  • Jim_TX

    I disagree with the statement that 'everyone has an accent'. There are some folks that do not really have 'accents'. Listen to the evening news folks. Very rarely do they have accents that are discernable.

    I love accents. I am able sometimes to determine location, but not always. Gals from Austin & Georgetown area (Texas) have an accent, somewhat similar to a Southern accent. Cute sounding.

    I learned that Australian, English & Canadian accents, while similar are very different.

    Me? I don't have an accent, and have been told so by others. However, being from Texas, we are thought to have a Texan drawl (according to the movies, right?), so I can give a pretty good John Wayne impersonation (...wellllll get the wagons in a circle...).

    I will tend to use the accent at times when out and about.

    With folks moving about these days, accents kinda get blurred and/or disappear.


    Jim TX

  • highdose

    sorry wobble, i'm not a born kent gal;) and yeah i had the sh*t bullied out of me at school 1) for being a JW 2) for having a posh accent

  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    Yep - sure do, but thankfully it's not too broad!

  • snowbird

    I have a Southern Negro accent.


  • blondie

    Jim_Tx, of course we all have an accent, just not that accent of the person or area that hears us. I come from an area that media people imitate to have "no accent" but when I travel out west, they think I have one, when I go to Georgia, they ask where I'm from and I have a strange accent, I have even had people tell me I sound like the people on TV, but I still have an accent.

  • cofty

    Think Rab C. Nesbitt but not as posh

  • MsDucky

    Yes, I have an accent. I'm from the Midwest. When I lived in Connecticut, they said I sounded like a cowboy. I think they meant cowgirl. People from the South think that I talk too proper.

    Some New Englanders, I could barely understand because their accents were so thick to me. I think that they drop the "K's". . . whatever?

  • garyneal

    Unfortunately, I have a deep southern accent because I come from a small town in Virginia.

  • tec

    I agree that everyone has an accent, according to the country they live in. I have an accent on top of that, because I'm from eastern Canada. It's slight, but it shows up in some words.

    (I don't notice it myself, but others do)


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