Recomend movies for ex JWs?

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  • sacolton

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • finallysomepride
  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Naughty, naughty, finallysomepride.

    How about some that are dub-related? A Perfect World and Worlds Apart come to mind.

  • blondie

    Why make a list for ex-jws? Isn't the point that now you can watch whatever YOU like. I would say you probably know what movies you missed seeing, just look up several reviews online and decide if you would ever have wanted to see it.

  • Cthulhu

    The Island. The Village. The Matrix Saga. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Clerks.

  • XPeterX


  • AuntBee

    Dead Poets Society. -- Not about religion or cults , per se, but about boys from very wealthy families, whose families functioned as a mini-cult. Their lives were completely planned out, and they weren't allowed to become/find their real selves. A new teacher comes who challenges them to "seize the day", even though it will rock the boat big time. I've watched it a few times. -- Great quotes from SHakespeare and other classic poets throughout.

  • seek2find

    The movie Castaway with Tom Hanks had parellels in it that you can relate to the JW world. Like when he tried to get off the island and the surf beat him up. Kind of like trying to leave the dubs. His socker Ball friend "Wilson" is kind of like the plastic friends one develops in the dubs (always smilling). The mental anxiety he feels even to the point of trying to kill himself. Also when he finaly is rescued and goes back to his old life and doesn't fit in anymore.

  • Watchtowers Witnesses
    Watchtowers Witnesses

    Someone already mentioned it and I'll second it. "The Village". Great movie and you will see some similarities with the JW's. Don't read any reviews on it, you don't want to hear any spoilers before you watch it.

  • ziddina

    "Also interested in movies that would resonate with an ex-jw...

    Any good JW parallel movies?"

    "RAIN" circa 1932, starring Joan Crawford - I posted it on a thread by that title sometime back, but some smart-alec didn't realize its significance for ex-JWs and dragged the thread off-topic... It's about a young woman of loose morals who is 'converted' by a preacher-man, who turns out to be a flaming hypocrite and rapes her just when she has placed her trust in him and is fully under his control... I think the preacher-man is played by a member of the Huston family...

    "Worlds Apart", a Finnish film about a young JW girl who's rejected by her family for taking up with a worldly boyfriend. It delves deeply into the issues of disfellowshipping and shunning. It's also called "Tu Verdener" in Finnish.

    Whoops. Someone else already mentioned it...

    "1984". The level of self-delusion within their 'utopian' society; the absolute authority of the leaders - so many parallels between the WTBTS and that movie...

    "Farenheit 451"... Based on the book by Ray Bradbury, I think. It parallels the Watchtower Society's attitudes towards control of information...

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