Standing Room Only at Tulsa District Convention

by darthfader 41 Replies latest jw friends

  • Tristram

    Must be the overwhelming success of the tract campaign!

  • primitivegenius

    its always about control isnt it. i was forced to take my mother to see a brother from my old cong who was getting medical treatment near where i was living. lovely brother, but he had retired from onejob and had to takewhat he couldget. so what does this mean inthe jw world? the world of mostly uneducated beyond highschool and at retirement ages......... means night work and weekend work.

    new district overseer comes into the picture.... bastard meets with any ms who is working any shift that cuts into their nights or weekends. tells them they are to quit that job immediately or else they will be removed.

    now his bullsh*t reason for that was to see the persons attitude, if they had an aggressive attitude.... mind you who wouldnt have that sort of attitude when told that the way they put food on the table is unacceptable and that they have to quit their job......... then they need to be removed. if they respond with the kitten attitude and say that theywill try to find another job but untill theydo theycant quit this one....... then they have shown the proper godly attitude so cut them some slack.

    now this being said........ the brother that was getting medical treatment....... had cancer and was likely at that moment to be TERMINAL cancer. and these MFers are trying to add to his burdens and make him quit his job.

    mind you the cong had meetings on different nights and during some mornings to accomidate people who worked second shift during the week.......... all about control.

    the best thing about OKC districts or Tulsa districts was when the power went out lol. at least that part of it was entertaining lol

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