Problems with Soccer (Football) from an American Standpoint

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  • superpunk

    Rub a Dub I actually think that would almost destroy scoring in soccer, since then almost the only way to advance the ball would be dribbling it yourself, and from watching the world cup it looks like that is nearly impossible, since if you go anywhere near the box dribbling you are swarmed by at least three defenders. Since there are no end boards you can't dump and chase like hockey.

    But if they could combine your idea with the existing offsides rules, cannot cross the offsides line before the ball has been kicked towards the zone, that way the linesman can watch the line instead of the players, that would be pretty good.

  • BurnTheShips

    It's the world's most egalitarian game. All you need is a patch of ground and something round to kick.


  • besty

    good comments cypher50 - you get it. thank you.

    I think 'ball over the line' or not will be fixed with technology before the next World Cup.

    I don;'t see any changes coming to offside or how the decisions are evaluated after the fact - it would change the flow of the game and give too much advantage to attackers to give them a set piece play if they were deemed onside via replay. (Although if you want more goals this would be a definite side-effect)

    Football (and it is football, not soccer - you got a man on the moon and we got the Football Association) is gradually creeping into mainstream America. There is interest around the World Cup and the national team. The Americans I know are very proud of having a successful team taking its rightful place on the world stage. Is there another American team sport that has global interest? (sidepoint - A lot of Americans I know regularly confuse the words 'world' and 'America' - its accidental and no harm is meant, but they do it)

    I manged to convince two 'merican buddies to come with me at 7am this morning to watch Brazil v Holland in the local Brazil bar....! So where to go from here? The low scoring, low stats, low commercial interruptions format may take a while (decades) to get a hold - the big European leagues have been running for 100 years or so. Add into the mix the changing demographics of the USA, more readily available content on demand (the Internet and TV will be inseparable for all practical purposes within 5 years)and the globalization of the teams - Manchester United are wildly successful in Asia for example - and the path is set. Just don't hold your breath for mass adoption anytime soon.

  • cofty
    I still believe the off-sides line should be a fixed line (a la ice hockey) and the ball has to pass the line before offensive players. You can still pass it the length of the field but the player(s) cannot be over the line before the ball.

    You are proposing removing a huge part of the tactical skill from the game.

  • cofty
    Don't they already have another official on the sidelines, who is talking to the refs on the field via the headset using technology, cofty? So if that's FIFA's argument I think they are kind of talking out their ass on that one.

    <devils advocate> Yes but the principle is that all decisions are made by human judgement in real time the world over. It saves time to have a radio mic between the ref and his assistant but essentially nothing has changed. If you introduce goal-line technology the game is essentially different at the top level</devils advocate>

  • crownboy

    Can't believe Gyan just missed that!!!

    Who says soccer isn't exciting?

  • besty

    talking to a buddy today and he postulated 'soccer' is a Blue state sport - ie if you can read and write you will be able to understand the nuance.

    Just putting that out there :-)

    PS - buddy in question is an SVP for one of Sony's content divisions and is a big soccer fan - his opinion may be somewhat informed :-))))

  • dgp

    The game is already different at the top level. All those fantastic Latin American and African players grow up playing soccer in the dirt, often with no shoes. Wasn't Pele one of them? The amenities that the Premiership might have would have no equal in Africa or Latin America. Do we have to believe FIFA doesn't know that?

  • LouBelle

    And you are allowed to have your opinion on Soccer. I do prefer it so much more than American Football.

  • DaCheech

    i'll take soccer, football, basketball, hockey, and open wheel racing.

    I think baseball and cricket as a spectator sport is BORING

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