JW doctrines that annoyed or troubled you

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  • baltar447

    OMG, yes I've always had a problem with this one, I think EVERYONE does. And I've heard of people reminding widows or widowers that "You won't be able to marry your spouse again". I swear, if I EVER heard someone say that in earshot I would take them and rip them a new one, I don't care WHO said it. There are some things you just don't say if you have one lick of decency or compassion.

    And yes, it does strike me as creepy, always has.

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    I thought about the asexual people too

    I figured that they would still be male and female couldn't imagine what an asexual body looked like. And since everyone now had drop dead gorgeous bodies and perfect love no jealousy And since Jehovah made males and females to copulate compliment each other WELL it stands to reason and it's in the bible. Solomon was an anti-type of the resurrected ones ...muliple partners

  • ziddina

    Bumping an excellent old thread by Luo bou to...

  • Ding

    The constant exaltation of "the organization," especially when I realized that the GB was writing things in such a way that they were disguising the fact that they were really exalting themselves:

    "How grateful we should be for the spiritual food provided by the faithful and discreet slave...," etc.

    "Jesus is the mediator for the 144,000..."

    "We cannot understand the Bible without Jehovah's visible organization in mind."

    Reading the Bible alone = darkness; reading "Studies in the Scriptures" = light (Russell)

    Without WT literature to explain things, "we cannot progress to life no matter how much Bible reading we do..."

    "... come to Jehovah's organization for salvation..."

    When you think about it, so many WT doctrines boil down to, "It's all about US..."

  • Pterist

    Red flags for me.....

    1. Jesus is only the gate to the pen for 144K...and NOT a mediator for me personally.

    2. I'm not buried with Christ in his death and have NO resurrected new life to overcome sin and death and the GIFT of HIS righteousness, that baptism signifies.

    3. Speculative eschatology, errounous date setting as their whole foundation and justification for being God's only channel.

    4. The great crowd are ONLY alien residence, spiritual Israel is only 144K, but the great crowd can NOT be the other members of the NON priestly Israelites.

    5. My salvation is being dedicated to the watchtower FDS class to survive the great tribulation, then be faithfully for another 1000 years to survive another test....NO ransom in Christ for me now as the GREAT empowering salvation in Christ

    Effects on my life.

    1. Severe depression, blood guilt.

    2. My whole non JW family and friends are all satans demons.

  • stillajwexelder

    That the GB/elders can poke their noses in the private matters of a husband/wife bedroom.

  • Red Piller
    Red Piller

    If a spouse abandons the marriage, the other party can't remarry without proof of adultery. And adultery needs to be proven by an inflexible set of standards.

    So, good luck if they move across the country and no one can locate them for a stakeout.

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