i'm a murderer she says.

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  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    Welcome Maz You said you live in another part of Asia Wouldn't happen to be China by any chance?

    Anyway as others will tell you Your not dealing with a rational mindset. So keep this in mind when responding to your mother. Turn the guilt trip around so she feels responsible for stumbling you. Like Mum I'd really like to believe that Jehovah's people are the happiest and most loving people in the world but I don't feel the love when you call me a murderer. Give her hope that you may return if only she treated you better.

    Never attack her beliefs this is her security. Work within the frame of her mindset be creative Like Mum doesn't the bible say whom Jehovah loves he disciplines that I like the prodigal son may need to learn from experience how bad the world is before I return If she is anxious about how long it will take tell her not to worry to trust in Jehovah and pray that it will not be long

    Get the picture

  • finallyfree!

    Wow!! How can I say emotional abuse!! The part where you describe bursting into tears for no reason out of the blue, on and off meds etc...ur not alone. I'm a grown man with no recorded or diagnosed mental illness and just the shock of losing ur whole family and friends and the whole "support system" overnight is enough of a mental shock to make you have feelings like this. Don't worry ur normal. I'm a grown man and have episodes like this where I'll just start crying for no reason (the real reason behind it though is the pain of losing my family and the injustices that you've had to go through at the hands of the wts. Good luck and hang in there. Things WILL get better with time. :D

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    I'll just start crying for no reason (the real reason behind it though is the pain of losing my family and the injustices that you've had to go through at the hands of the wts.

    This is exactly how it is Finally Free, well said.

    Maz Welcome to the board ...there are good people here as you already can see who will support and care about you.

    Loz x

  • Chalam

    Welcome maz!



  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Sounds like your in my boat of "freaky Witness moms".....welcome!

  • JediMaster

    Welcome to the board. For whatever's worth, my mother can also say the weirdest, most guilt-inducing things sometimes. Working with my therapist on how to control my emotions when this happens. But overall, also try to avoid her as much as I can.

    Jedi Master

  • leavingwt

    Welcome! I'm glad that you've escaped the bondage of WT land.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    Mother sounds like a nut job (sorry). Please take note of her negative behaviour and purge ANY tendancy to imitate it you find in yourself ok!

    Now then, ... One cold hard way of waking your mother up might be to record her conversations with you. Then when she's calm and pretends not to remember or chooses to pretend all is well again then choose an opportunity to play them to her.

    Actually hearing herself ranting like a fantical cult member may make her tone it down from then on. ... or of course she may go completely ape shit and be worse for the fact that you've done this very bad thing (sigh).

    Welcome to the real world.


  • Quandry

    Let's all take a deep breath. .....There........

    First of all, welcome.

    I am a mother, also. I was a rabid JW. Please know that in Mom's mind, you are going to be destroyed, and she loves you and can't bear the thought. Perhaps it seemed like her rant was "out of the blue" but it is probably on her mind so often, and maybe particularly the night before.

    Also, she must be going through some depression because of her husband having so many affairs.

    That being said, take stock of your situation. You are going to college-good for you! Please be proud of yourself-and do your best! This is job #1 for you right now. Maybe you can find a quiet place in the library or on campus to study, so that you are not at home so often. Try to get into study groups so that you can meet and be with other young people. Once you are through you will have a degree in your chosen field, and no one can take that away from you! So many doors to interesting things will be open to you. Perhaps you can in some way help others through your chosen career.

    If you are out of school for the summer, can you find part-time work to occupy your time? If not, can you volunteer somewhere? Perhaps an animal shelter? Hospital?

    Please do not yell back at Mom. Just tell her you love her, and get studying!

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