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  • The Finger
    The Finger

    Although I think this could work looking at the history of the WT I think this is probably more rubbish and no doubt those in charge will need to stand up like Bro.Rutherford and say they made an ass of themselves sometime in the future. It would be nice to believe it.

  • Simon Morley
    Simon Morley

    Now we have (courtesy of the 2010 DC) that the pivotal point in "this generation" is another date - 1992 with the death of Fred Franz. Watch for a WT article next year explaining the favourite Elijah/Elisha, Ruth/Nioami, Moses/Joshua, ad nausem illustration as comparable to Fred Franz at the 1st group as overlapping with the current annointed that could remember saying "Oh Fred Franz is dead..."

    Acts 1:7 "It is not for you to know about dates or times, which the Father has set within his own control" (NEB). Works for me and helps explain the continual flip-flopping - there is no holy spirit behind them.

  • elderelite

    d jeggnog,

    AS an elder I am getting a lot of questions on this...your explanation is reasonable, but I still dont get how this applies to the first century.. I understand that you are making a separation of what Jesus said to the Jews about Jerusalem and what was said for the time of the end.. but then I have a question about that as well. Let me ask you... why was it that Matthew, Mark and Luke all recorded the prophecy about the generation (all of which were written before the destruction in 70 C.E) but John, who wrote after the destruction, didn't record that account. It would seem that if it were important for our day the last person to report it would have at least recorded the event, thus showing us that it applies to our day...dont you think? Also, in the area of increasing light I really have a problem here... notice the following "generation teachings"

    • Up until 1995 -- The anointed ones who were alive to see the events in 1914.
    • 1995 to 2008 -- The wicked people of that generation.
    • 2008 to 2010 -- The anointed who are around to see the great tribulation.
    • 2010 -- The anointed alive to see 1914 and the anointed to see the great tribulation overlapping.

    at what point was there ever light to increase? some of these are mutually exclusive ideas.. its not that we were on the right track and had MORE light shed, in the case of 1995 we were totally wrong. Thats not new light. 1995, in comparison to what we have now, is DEAD WRONG. not adjusted, or tweaked or modified. It was DEAD WRONG. I have to ask... where will we be with this next year? or the year after? is there "new light" waiting that will take us in a new direction? are we wrong now? why dont you care? and all of this "humility" that you profess that we have as JW's.. where was the apology for being DEAD WRONG all of those previous times?

  • elderelite

    good to see you are putting thought into your response, DJ eggnog, but dont think to hard. There is an old expression.. "if you think long, you think wrong".

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    EE, Well, you see, John didn't have space to write about the "generation" because he was way too busy making up the story about Lazarus getting resurrected. I've been to the Sunday mess. The closing talk was given by a brother that I knew from my bethel-daze. He did a crappy job trying to explain the current "generation", which surprised me. I noticed that the explanation included a remark about how it was "the anointed disciples" who would recognized the fulfillment of this prophecy... yeah, wow... and we know the Bible is from God because the Bible says that it's from God.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I firmly believe the 2008 change was deliberately working toward the 2010 change. They added no new GB in that time frame to complete all these changes- removing the 1935 'sealing' and changing the 'generation' change.

    The 1995 change was awkward and had no end-date. To go in one step to the 2010 change would have been very radical, so first they linked the generation to something else that was still open-ended to get the members used to the idea of rapid changes, then they linked the generation to something that appeared closed-ended to get the urgency back.

    They could refer back to the 'old' teaching as correct, but now it's 'more correct.' A bunch of hooey because the old teaching was still fresh. They just wanted that ridiculous 1995 change to be 'way old' and the long-standing 1914-generation that cannot be forgotten was revived in a new silly way as the first part of the 'overlap generation.'

    It's very slick packaging. It's like legally having to put a disclaimer on your product and dressing up the side effects as wonderful features.

  • djeggnog


    good to see you are putting thought into your response, DJ eggnog, but dont think to hard. There is an old expression.. "if you think long, you think wrong".

    You're not very good in reading folks' intentions. I am not putting any thought into responding to something you said in this thread. After you left my lengthy response to your message hanging, I am just ignoring you. It's not personal, but I don't like being trolled by the very person that is calling me one by posting messages to me that you expect will be ignored, only to discover that it was not ignored so that you ignore my non-rhetorical and engaging response, which is what trolls do. Trolls want to be able to complain, to go off on tirades, and to convince others that their point of view is both a compelling and right one, and things like these, and also berate and attack and lob ad hominems when their points fall flat and words fail them.

    It must be hard finding people that think and reason in the way you do.

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