I Know Good "Christians" Who Are Not "Good" JWs

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  • 5thGeneration

    LOL @ minimus.

    Most of my friends in the truth had very little. They were the 'poor pioneers'. They were also the nicest, most fun friends anyone could have.

    My best friend once told me that what he loved about me is that, even though I had money, I never acted or behaved like someone who did. That was the greatest compliment anyone has ever given me.

    Now I'm sad that I lost all these friends 'cause I stopped going to the meetings.




    This is the premise of the thread..So this is what I`m posting to..

    They are Witnesses. They talk to df'd people. They love God. They are most kind to their neighbors. They go out of their way to help people---any people, not just JWs. They drink a little too much alcohol at times. They love to socialize. They sometimes miss meetings for work related reasons. They go on 3 or 4 week vacations and don't attend the meetings.

    They are about as "normal" as anyone I know----except their Witnesses!

    These people are Witness`s..They sometimes drink too much..

    They miss meetings and can afford to go on lengthly vacation..Talk to DF`d people..

    That would be a target on a lot of JW`s backs..

    Money can go along way in keeping the wolves at bay..

    Donations when needed..A few bucks for the CO when he comes to town..Ect..ect..

    I`m not suggesting it will keep a person from getting the axe,if a DF offense comes up..

    I`m saying money can and does,smooth things out,for life as a JW..


    Your assumption that JWs with money have an easier time in the congregation

    indicates to me that you haven't experienced it because the exact opposite is true.

    So..If I fly the CO and his Mrs to vacation with me in Mexico..All expenses paid..

    My life is going to be miserable as a JW?..LOL!!..

    It doesn`t work that way..Socializing with WBT$ Brass is helpful..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • 5thGeneration


    This is my last response regarding your know-it-all assumptions.

    My family WAS the family flying bethel members on vacation, giving money left and right to the Society and Overseers, having GB members staying in their homes.

    It curried no favour with the congregation. It actually added to the resentment of our money.

    My father regular-pioneered for 30 years and the feeling was it was no sacrifice because 'he can afford to'.

    That's the reality but feel free to keep correcting me.


  • miseryloveselders

    5th Generation I can relate to a degree with where you're coming from I think. Not me personally, but in the Hall I go to. There are two upper middle aged couples. Both couples are doing pretty well financially. I can't go into specifics as to what the husbands do for a living as it will potentially blow my cover. However, the one couple, is very blue collarish if you will. The husband is the type who likes to get dirty. He's the type who will spend a small fortune on hardware, tools, etc.. Very nice couple. Unless you knew what they did for a living, you'd never guess they were as well off as they are. The other couple, is very "proper." The wife who's ok in my book, she's very concerned about appearances, somewhat materialistic. Who am I kidding, she is materialistic. Her husband the breadwinner, very nice guy, very brainy and quite well off, yet very down to earth. He could care less about what he owns, or what other people think of him or his success. He'd be just as content to be mopping a floor somewhere on a graveyard shift.

    What's funny about the two couples is, the people in the Hall, and the Circuit as well, are more cold toward the "proper" couple. It's classism through and through in my personal opinion. There's a resentment I pick up on that people have toward them simply because they're financially well off. This couple is the one that will take the CO and his wife to a 5 star resteraunt. His wife is the one who will wear real pearls to the Memorial. Nothing wrong in those things, but some people for whatever reason catch offense to that. Meanwhile the blue collarish couple who are well off, people adore them. Again a lot of it has to do with appearances. Like I said, you'd never know this guy is a millionaire looking at him or even hanging out with him. That's just not his style. But its funny seeing how people treat one another in the hall based off whatever social heirarchy is present.



    Those are not my assumptions..I`m telling you about my experiences..

    Money did`nt work for you in Watchtower World?..I believe you..

    Although that does`nt change anything I`ve experienced..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • LV101

    5th generation gets my vote --- i agree!!! i joined (not a born in) and i was jobbed, snobbed, robbed, literally hated. the losers were civil and almost human when they were looking for a handout or wanted a gift (wedding, baby shower, whatever).

    it wasn't the men that were so envious and jealous, but the monster females --- but i'm a female so i'm sure it works the same for males!!!!


  • minimus

    Outlaw, you know I love ya, but your experiences are limited. Please, never think you know everything about this subject when you don't know other people's experiences.

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