And you wonder why Americans don't like Soccer...

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  • undercover

    I loved watching rugby when I was in England a few years that's a he-man sport...

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    but I think if you can't watch and appreciate the world cup you just don't have an eye for good competition.

    Good competition doesn't generally end in a tie. Why did they even play the game?

  • superpunk

    I don't like the ties either. I think they should adopt something similar to hockey's overtime rules, where both teams get a point but you play a short period of man-short hockey, then if noone scores move to a shootout to see who gets the victory points.

    I think ties go away in the next round?

  • beksbks

    Aahhhh Scrum

  • Bluegill

    Some people like to make things more important than they really are. Friendly competition? Don't most soccer matches end with the mandatory riot? Face it. Soccer is extremely boring. It will never catch on in the US. Don't flatter yourself, the game is not that difficult to understand. In my neighorhood they have leagues of 5 year olds playing the game. I'm sure the average NFL quarterback has a whole lot more going on in his head than the typical a soccer player! LOL!!! Soccer......You know its boring when theres more talk about the horn blowing than the actual game! HaHa!!!

    KEYSER..I too have always wondered why people even play a game if it ends with a tie....Whats the point? To make everybody feel good?

  • The Finger
    The Finger

    I've lived in the USA and I enjoyed american sport baseball football basketball etc. I'm not a big sports fan. But i enjoy the world cup along with millions of other people. I think some americans are small minded.

  • poppers

    South Africans, I have learned, traditionally blow those horns during their soccer games. It's so annoying to have to listen to even on TV, and even the players are complaining about it. If the South Africans want to ruin their hearing then that's fine by me, but it's not right that everyone else, including players from around the world, have to put up with it. They should be banned for the remainder of the World Cup

    My brother is a fanatic, but that's largely because he's coached soccer. He follows a team from England, Fulham, because they have an American player who's pretty good. He sees things the average viewer or someone who's never played doesn't, and can appreciate the more subtle aspects of the game that I am totally ignorant of. For me, however, I find it pretty boring. Yet, I like baseball; I grew up playing the game, so watching it never bores me. Baseball has a rhythm to it unlike any other sport I've watched or participated in - it's especially evident if you go to a major league ballpark to see a game.

    As for tie scores each team gets a point - they should be rewarded for something, unlike a losing team. Winners get 3 points.

  • BabaYaga

    Wiki quote from above link:

    Vuvuzelas have been controversial. [ 3 ] They have been associated with permanent noise-induced hearing loss [ 4 ] and cited as a possible safety risk when spectators cannot hear evacuation announcements [ 5 ] , and they may spread colds and flu viruses on a greater scale than coughing or shouting. [ 6 ] [ 7 ] Vuvuzelas have also been blamed for drowning the sound and atmosphere of football games. [ 8 ] [ 9 ] Commentators have described the sound as "annoying" and "satanic" [ 10 ] and compared it with "a stampede of noisy elephants", [ 11 ] "a deafening swarm of locusts", [ 12 ] "a goat on the way to slaughter", [ 13 ] and "a giant hive full of very angry bees". [ 14 ]


    Why do I find that so funny?

  • Gregor

    I have one of those lulu-vulvas or whatever they are called and it absolutely will blow your eardrums out.

    I think Soccer and pro wrestling has an audience for sort of the same reasons as Nascar, waiting for a big fiery crash. Only in Soccer they are waiting for a riot, or the stadium collapsing or to see how good the players are at faking being injured to draw a foul.

  • undercover

    heh heh I've been waiting for that first NASCAR comment... LOL

    I grew up watching NASCAR - live - both Grand National (later Winston Cup and whatever it is now) and the short tracks - before the 1979 Daytona was televised flag to flag. I'm not much of a fan anymore... too big business but back in the 60s, 70s and 80s it was a fun motorsport to watch. And true race fans understood the sport. It wasn't about wrecks, though we didn't mind seeing our favorite driver putting a bumper to a hated rival.

    Again it goes back to what you grew up with. Growing up with it, I get it - but I completely understand people who don't get it and make jokes about it being nothing but left turns for 500 miles. Much like some don't get the whole fascination with soccer. Exposure and perception.

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