And you wonder why Americans don't like Soccer...

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  • zeroday*

    OK so I thought I would give it a chance and watch some of the World Cup...I got thru about 5 minutes when I had to turn it off...I mean really what's with the constant horn blowing...

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    What's with the constant horn blowing? What else are thousands of bored people going to do?

  • Bluegill

    I watched it for 20 minutes. I couldn't take it. The game ended in a 2-2 tie. How exciting!!! A tie!!!

    Give me the playoffs in the NFL anyday!!

  • JediMaster

    Soooooo shallow!!!! The entire rest of the world is completely immersed in it. Entire countries come to a stop for a couple hours just to watch their teams play. But hey, not Americans.....we're too good for that. As usual, the minute we don't understand something, then the rest of the world is wrong, not us, they're the crazy ones.

    Give me the playoffs in the NFL anyday!!

    Thanks for proving my point!!!! The entire world comes together every four years for a little friendly competition.....but hey Louisiana is playing Indiana let's watch that. And next year, we'll spend $3000 dollars on a new tv to watch it again, and the next and the next and the next. You think soccer is boring!!!???! Try staying awake during a baseball game. Most exiting thing is when the somebody breaks the bat. Not to mention basketball: they score every other second. With the last 10 seconds (which last 10 minutes cuz they keep calling time off) being the most exiting part. Come on people le'ts come out of our shells and join the rest of the worl.


  • undercover

    That's why there are so many sports... different tastes for different people. I mean... curling is an olympic sport! WTF?

    Part of it depends on what you grew up with. Canadians and many Northern US citizens cut their teeth on hockey sticks.

    I grew up watching NFL, NBA and ACC basketball/football. With the exception of the NBA, I still keep up with those sports and have favorite teams. I came to appreciate hockey when we had a minor league team... so now I'm an NHL fan as well. Soccer wasn't popular when I was growing up therefore I never grew attached to it. It is becoming popular in the US though. There are more youth soccer leagues than there are football (american) and baseball leagues in many places. These kids, as they become adults, will drive the popularity of the sport upwards and in time American soccer will be accepted much more than it is now.

    While I think soccer can be boring (as is most of the baseball season) I do understand the fervor behind the World Cup. And I've watched some of it. I actually enjoyed one game but fell asleep during the next one I watched - which can happen in any sport - one great game and then one snoozer. And I'm sure that soccer is much like hockey - it is much better to see in person than on TV.

  • nelly136

    the horns the horns........ you have just been introduced to the

  • superpunk

    I don't like soccer, but I think if you can't watch and appreciate the world cup you just don't have an eye for good competition.

    Someone needs to stab the ref from today's USA-SLV match though.

  • Finally-Free
    And I'm sure that soccer is much like hockey - it is much better to see in person than on TV.

    Hockey at least has the potential to be interesting both in person and on TV. Soccer is boring in every sense of the word, except for some of the insane street parties here in Little Italy and Little Portugal.


  • undercover
  • scotinsw

    Love football but you can't beat a game of rugby!

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