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  • XPeterX

    Born in.20 years old.Only mom is in the Truth.I have 2 sisters the one studies occasionally.Dad agrees with Jw stuff but won't join.I am unbaptised publisher since I was 12,I used to read from the Bible and comment but not anymore since February.I seldom miss meetings and go door to door often (well not as often as I should).Few or none will call me out of the 125 persons of my congregation and I can't say I know them at all (except 2 persons) even though I 'know' them since 1998.I try to stick to the rule "no wordly friends" but when it comes to friendships in the JW world I end up alone.I honestly know that this situation is encountered by many teens in the Org. globally.Maybe that's what Jesus said about the absence of love in the last days.

  • cantleave

    Get out - be free, live the rest of your life!

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  • Finally-Free
    Few or none will call me out of the 125 persons of my congregation

    I converted to the JWs when I was 25. Mom was a JW, Dad was not interested at all. Few had anything to do with me once I got baptized. I was just another statistic. I didn't fit in with them because I wasn't raised as a JW and because my Dad was an unbeliever, and I was always considered "bad association" as a result.

    Regardless of what you hear at the hall, I suggest forming some friendships with non JWs. Having so few friends, especially at your age, will impair your social skills in the long run, and negatively impact every area of your life. Also, if you ever fall out of favour with the JWs you won't lose your entire social network overnight.


  • not a captive
    not a captive

    Trust God alone----Get out . Don't hurt anyone else by pulling into a man-made religion. If these are the last days, then the WTS is part of Babylon the Great. Jesus bore witness to the Truth, not to a religion. Religion killed him. It kills everyone.

    Have FAITH instead.

    You will serve God and have so much joy.

    Get out of "her" or you will share in her crimes.

  • StAnn

    Peter, do you still live with your parents?


  • XPeterX

    Stan:Yes I still live with my parents.Why?

  • straightshooter

    Often times living with parents has an influence on your thinking and ways. After all you are under their household roof and usually have to abide by family rules.

    The WTS has published many articles about making friends. Sadly in some cong there are set groups or circles of friends that are locked into a select few.

  • cantleave

    As an unbaptised publisher you can not be disfellowshipped and in theory no shunning will ensue. Your parents and siblings will come to terms with decision in their own time.

    Find yourself true, unconditional friends and move on. I wish I did that 20 years ago rather than waiting until my 40's.

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