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  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    Peter, GET OUT. Start your own life. Make non-JW friends. There is nothing holding you in the JWs.

  • quietlyleaving

    Are you thinking of leaving? If you are then looking for groups that share your interest/hobbies may be a step forward.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Jesus bore witness to the Truth, not to a religion. Religion killed him. It kills everyone.


  • Gayle

    Are you going to college or taking any career skill courses? Take classes to improve your knowledge of life and open your mind to many things. Join a club or two that have your interest. Find friends outside of the Kingdom Hall as they are only 'conditional' acquaintences and will prove to disappoint you.

  • yknot


    A young man of 20 should be preparing for his future....

    Do you have a sustainable job?

    Taken vocation training?

    Are you enrolled in college courses? (online or on campus)

    Let's start paving your way to a successful adult life!

    (BTW I am a born-in too!--- so I get where you are coming from... I had to marry to get out of the house)

  • changeling

    My son is almost 21. I raised him "in" and then pulled the rug out from under him when he was 17 and announced the WT was false. He was an active unbaptized publisher. He became uber theocratic when his dad and I were leaving the org.

    On his second round of baptism questions, two elders sat him down, told him they'd heard he was going to his senior prom and basically said he had to chose between prom and baptism. As he told them, he had already commited to the girl he was taking (not a "girlfriend" just a girl who was a friend) and he could not let her down. That was it. From then on he started noticing all the little things that had bothered him for years but he had "trusted in Jehovah" and ignored. He never got baptized. We did not push him either way. We told him the choice was his to make and we'd love him and stand by him no matter what.

    He is now a senior in college and very happy.

    Like Ynot said, pave the way for yourself to be successful: go to school (college, vocational...). Make some friends that share your intrests. Read, research, explore. Expand your mind and your horizons. You will never regret it.

    Hugs! :)

  • Lozhasleft

    I hope you heed the good advice and start living Peter

    Loz x

  • StAnn

    Peter, since you still live with your JW parents, asking questions like these could be problematic. Are you prepared to support yourself if your parents ask you to leave because of your doubts and questions? Not saying it will definitely happen but sometimes it does.


  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    The main thing is to stay unbaptised so that they don't have any real excuse go go loopy if you ever dump the religion.

    I know you are having some doubts. Don't tell your family your doubts until they are no longer just doubts. Even though you are not baptised, your family may still behave badly if you start telling them stuff they don't want to hear. You damned near need a degree in psychiatry to talk about faulty doctrines and rules with any member of any high control group, so don't go barging in telling them a whole bunch of negative stuff without doing some homework on techniques first.

    Many cults claim to be selected by Gods, Messiahs and various other spacemen to communicate with mankind. It's a pretty extraordinary claim and requires extraordinary proof. The first thing you need to do to prove to yourself if the WTs version of this claim is true or false.

    If it is true, what should you do?

    If it is false, what should you do?



  • XPeterX

    People:I tell my parents and other JW's what I read here.Of course I don't say "i read this or that on an apostatic website" but some things just don't match and I can't hide them forever nor can I forget them.They are not going to kick me out of the house for that reason since dad is not a Jw either.I study Information Technology and yes a brother (pioneer) motivated me for further education.I am going to have my bachelor degree in 2-3 years by now and I want to have a profitable job instead of begging.I do have some non-Jw friends with whom I have the same interests.Now,I can't leave the Org. because of another reason:Military service is compulsory here and I don't want to join the Greek Army.Once I complete my military service as a conscientious objector (which means spend 15 months away from home instead of 8 months which is the normal) then guess what?I am LEAVING.I know that I am going to die in Armageddon and at least I admit it. P.S: My masterplan will succeed

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