What happens if you are unbaptised publisher for many years?

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  • XPeterX

    Are they going to kick you out of the congo if you don't get baptised?What is going to happen?

  • Jim_TX

    It depends. I believe that they will try real hard to encourage you to get you baptized. If that don't work... well, I don't think that they will consider you 'worthy'.

    Of course, that was years ago when they had the '6 month' study in the 'truth' book. Things may have changed a bit since then.


    Jim TX

  • Cagefighter

    Nothing that I ever saw... You were just considered weak. Maybe marked as bad association.

  • XPeterX

    oh I see...so I am considered bad assosiation because I have been U.P for 8 years.That's awesome

  • techdotcom

    Yep, go to see an R rated movie, be unrepentant about not following the 'recomendations' of the slave class and get DF'd. Don't do the one thing that is supposed to be the most important aspect of being a 'christain'/JW and oh well he's just weak.

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    I don't think there is anything "official" on this specific issue. However, let's describe someone, let's say a grown child of JWs, has been attending for years and participating in field service. Let's say that person - who was active, turned in hours, maybe even participated in more advanced ways at the Kingdom Hall - "grows up" and decides to not be baptized, simply fades away, or wants to leave. How should other JWs relate to that person?

    According to my "insider" elder, that person would be treated as "disassociated." If that person, even though not baptized, was accused of pornea, they would be treated as "disfellowshipped." It would be up to the Presiding Overseer as to whether or not a formal announcement should be made at the Kingdom Hall, but most likely it would be announced less formally by word of mouth if the person had not been associated with the Kingdom Hall for very long - let's say less than a year.

    He quoted this from the "Organized" book (pp. 157-158):


    What of unbaptized publishers who become involved in
    serious wrongdoing? Since they are not baptized members of the
    congregation, they cannot be formally disfellowshipped. However,
    they may not fully understand the Bible’s standards, and kind
    counsel may help them to make straight paths for their feet.

    If an unbaptized wrongdoer is unrepentant after two elders
    have met with him and have tried to help him, then it is necessary
    to inform the congregation. A brief announcement is made, stating:
    "[Name of person] is no longer recognized as an unbaptized
    publisher." The congregation will then view the wrongdoer as a
    person of the world. Although the offender is not disfellowshipped,
    Christians exercise caution with regard to any association with
    him. (1 Cor. 15:33) No field service reports would be accepted
    from him.

    In time, an unbaptized person (adult or minor) who was
    removed as a publisher may wish to renew his association with the
    congregation and become a publisher again. In that situation, two
    elders would meet with him and ascertain his spiritual progress. If
    he has a good attitude, a Bible study may be held with him. If he
    progresses spiritually and eventually qualifies, a brief
    announcement can be made, stating: "[Name of person] is again
    recognized as an unbaptized publisher."

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    An unbaptized publisher is like a fish that is just nibbling the bait. They're going to use any lure to try to get you to bite. Then once they have you, they reel you in, gut you, fry you, and eat you.

    I'm just sure that's in the Botchtower somewhere...

  • Titus

    You die in Armageddon!

  • Juan Viejo2
    Juan Viejo2

    Tito, that may be true. But at least you will actually "live until you die!"

  • mrsjones5

    You slowly become one of the ignored.

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