Child Abuse, Pedophilia & Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    We had three child rapist in my hall. I met with all the elders before my husband and I moved to the hall and told them I was a victim of child rape and I was not treated with kindness in my last hall, I put all my cards on the table to ALL the elders and said I was being forced to take care of my parents who raped me as a child or as in the case of my dad allowed it to happen to me and I needed a new start. All the elders told me that they would help me and be kind of loving toward me. At the time I truly believed it to still be the "truth" even with all the hurt that I had been through.

    Within one month of us moving into the new hall the elders made my husband the book study overseer of a level 3 sex offender and never told us. This child rapist was holding children, studying with children having sleep overs with one of the elders own grandsons. They all knew he had raped an eight year old child but they believed the child was at fault or something but this man was gentle giant who looooved children and he was just wonderful.

    After not knowing he was a rapist for three years when I found out I called the police, got his court records and learned it was against the law for the elders to allow him to hold and take care of children. It is not against the law for him to hold children but it is for the elders to allow it. I know the laws are screwed up to. As that makes no sense but it what it is.

    I am just so mad and hurt at the way child victims are treated. I was treated and am still treated like it was my fault and yes I am mad and bitter.


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