Child Abuse, Pedophilia & Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • minimus

    I believe most Jehovah's Witnesses think there is no extreme problem regarding "sex abuse" in the Organization.

    Sure, they accept that a "few" may have gotten involved in this sin but there will always be a "few" that will get involved in pedophilia, killing, drugs, smoking, etc.

    "Just because a "few" get involved in these things doesn't make the whole Organization a haven for child abusers" is what I've heard said.

    I believe child abuse happens in the Organization. Having said that I don't think it is THE "scandal" some make it out to be. Perhaps with Ted Jaracz uninvolved (unless he's does stuff from heaven), there will be welcomed changes in the way Watchtower views child abusers.

  • shamus100


    The problem is not the pedophillia it's how they deal with it, and leave it in 'jehovahs hands' unless there are two witnesses that witnessed the incident, which is probably impossible. They have created a breeding ground for the scum of society, and they are completely safe. Perhaps in the new system they will pet lions and be saved.... bleach!!!

    That's not why I left anyways. It's not even the tip of the iceberg, love.

  • Cagefighter

    What about the 14 yearold baptized kid that is targeted by someone older and worldly. When the parents find out the kid is denied counseling, the police are not notified and the kid goes infront of a J.C. is shunned by family in the home and friends and is told God hates him.....

    We need not look for the most extreme examples of to find the abuse. It happened to me that way and was very damaging.

    (Are you listening Bluegrass, more ammo for your next rant against me)

  • palmtree67

    It's one of many "scandals".

    But, I know personally of abuse and paedophilia cases and I am originally from a fairly small place.

    Can't imagine what goes on in the bigger centers.

    And Shamus is right. It's not that it happens in the Org. Its how they deal with it.

    (((Cage )))

  • Cagefighter

    Shoot, thinking back even further I remember a case were another boy abused another boy when I was younger. Fortunately I wasn't there and was told to stay away from the kid but as far as I know it was "handled" by the elders. No counseling, no CPS, etc... Boys don't learn that stuff on their own it's taught.

    It's the way the handle it that is screwed up for sure.....

  • shamus100

    Boys don't learn that stuff on their own it's taught.

    You are 100 percent correct. But to be fair, not all boys (or girls for that matter) that were abused will abuse. But a dangerous pattern is there, and society has had this problem long before the 21st century.

    The history of pedophillia is gruesome and disturbing. We were no better than apes, sadly.

  • undercover
    ...I don't think it is THE "scandal" some make it out to be.

    I dig what you're saying and I kinda agree with you to a certain degree...

    But, having said that...

    To anyone who has had to deal with child abuse in the congregation it is THE scandal. And anyone who has been threatened to keep their mouth shut or face DFing can attest to how scandalous this type of behavior is, particularly from "shepards" that are supposed to be protecting the "sheep", not the "wolves".

    Also note that the fact that this organization that claims to be God's Earthly Organization as directed by his Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ has had enough situations of child abuse in the elder bodies around the world does make it scandal enough to be kept at the front of anything damning to the cult of JWs.

    Either this organization does NOT have God's spirit...or if it does...God is not as organized as he should be. He needs to get his house in order and protect the innocent children.

  • Cagefighter


    My point was how many Pedo's got to hurt others because the boy was being molested by a man maybe not even a JW that the elders were aware of could be a boyfriend or unbelieving mate or relative. The elders "handling" it left loose ends that CPS or the Police would have looked into and maybe caught a creep or two and got the kid some real help.


  • shamus100

    I understand, Cage.

    Elders are janitors that feel the power and love it, and they wouldn't want to ever give up their power to the authorities even if they could.

  • palmtree67

    And JW parents who have children abused by a "worldly" person, are not encouraged by the congregation to get outside counselling or support.

    Then when the child grows up, gets to be a teenager and acts out,....they are often disfellowshipped. Or they just leave and are viewed as "bad association".

    This is what is particularly sad to me.

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