Child Abuse, Pedophilia & Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • lepermessiah

    Having said that I don't think it is THE "scandal" some make it out to be

    I see where you are coming from Min, but I have to say that I think it is BIGGER than most people realize.

    Information control is a powerful tool used by the JW's.

    As a former elder, child abuse has been prevalent in every congregation I have attended.

    There is a long line of victims who were traumatized by it - the rank and file would have no idea that these kids were victims.

    In my research, JW's have a massive problem with it - they are just as culpable as the Catholic Church they love to bash.

    The biggest problems to me are:

    1) The victims turn into the perpetrators - those making accusations are often subject to threats against "slandering their brother" and get more threats over being disfellowshipped than the pervert!

    2) They treat this like it is the same as someone ripping me off in a business deal - I dont that is what Jesus had in mind when he said go to your brother over a disagreement - Pedophilia is a horrific crime, not just a "dispute" or a "fault against your brother".......

    3) The victims rarely get proper professional support - "Wait on Jehovah" or "The new system will fix all your problems" is all they tend to get from their so-called shepherds. Too many go on to be deeply scarred for life, when they could have gotten help.

  • minimus

    there was a time one couldn't say what i said here without a fuss.

  • undercover

    I'm sure before the day is out, you will be taken to task

  • Cagefighter

    The was the WTBS works is like a franchise. Honestly I don't think they give a crap how the congo's handle this matter as long as it's handled. It's like owning a McDonald's franchise. Corporate probably doesn't care who or how the floors are mopped as long as there are no complaints. Even if someone did complain they'd just say sorry that's an independtly owned franchise, call the owner.

  • Finally-Free
    there was a time one couldn't say what i said here without a fuss.

    Was that your intention?


  • minimus


  • minimus

    When Silentlambs came on here and started his site, you had RABID people totally angry. If you said that you didn't see pedophila in your Hall, you often were put down and derided. If you EVER said that you didn't think it would bring the Organization down, you might be ridiculed. Some supporters really believed Silentlambs or TV interviews would kill off the Watchtower. If you happened to disagree, you were no good.

  • Finally-Free

    There could be a number of reasons why someone might not see it in their hall. First, it might not happen in every hall. It can also be covered up, or a victim might not come forward for many years because of fear or intimidation.

    Then there were people like me who were never told anything because of not being in the "in crowd" and all the gossip that goes along with that. I knew one person who was victimized as a JW. I didn't know the scope of the problem until I saw the Fifth Estate documentary, and started my own research as a result. The documentary was enough to convince me that I could no longer show my face publicly with a JW label attached to me.


  • minimus

    I got that, FF.

    But there were some who's mission it was to put down anyone who didn't make child abuse their priority.

  • wobble

    O.K Min,

    I get your point, some too felt that the U.N scandal would destroy the WT etc. etc.

    I can understand victims and their families giving short shrift to anyone who tries to minimise the paedophile problem.

    The real scandal at present is that they do not have in place a programme of Child Protection in Kingdom Halls etc. and in F.S, they may have a "policy" but a true working programme with someone taking responsibility for its functioning is not there.

    Another problem is that as it is all kept secret an abuser moves with impunity within the WT world, I know someone will pop up and say "Oh we were warned about ........... " but that is dealing with what is common knowledge, not the "repentant" abuser only known to a few Elders.

    The problem is extensive within the religion, could almost be described as endemic, and is handled in the most reprehensible way, the only concern is to hide the truth of these matters to preserve the illusion that Jehovah's organization is "clean".

    Loving concern for the victims, past and future, is totally lacking.

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