JW’s District Convention 2010 – Drawn Closer to Jehovah. My reflections…

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  • Soldier77

    I am so glad I won't be going this year. I got cornered this weekend by an elder asking if I had made arrangement to go to the DC. I told him I didn't yet. Fortunately, there were a few other people around and I saw someone to use to change the subject and stop talking to the elder.

    I can't believe the mentality that JWs have. Clapping for billions to die! That is sick man! Oh, but if they were all JWs then no one woulc HAVE to die, is there reasoning... right... because there is nothing WICKED in your rejoicing over billions of people that will be murdered!

  • Hecklerboy


    Maybe this is why my JW sister doesn't seem to have time to talk to me lately. I've only heard from her once in the last 3 or 4 months. She used to call once a week. And I had to send her a Facebook message.

    Oh well, she'll call when she needs me to loan her more money.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    They tempo of the tune has changed, maybe the lyrics are a bit different... but it is the same song and dance since 1879.

    And the average R&F dub has no clue. Most witnesses do very little actual studying beyond the yellow highlighter and maybe looking up (or printing out from the CD) scriptures...and that only from the WT's own NWT.

    I used to study chronology as it related to the bible. Unfortunately for WTB&TS, et. al., I used secular sources from the library. As early as 1991 I was having trouble digesting the WT version. I once even said to another dub: "If the Society does not make an adjustment soon, they will be caught with their pants down." A nearby elderette, not involved in the conversation, involved herself and asked "Are you the FDS providing food at the proper time? We wait on Jehovah." My words back to her were basically that it was pure logic and math that made me say it. And I dropped it.

    By the time I went through MTS in 2002 and went through major sections of WT teachings on chronology, I knew I had been right and didnt know my way out. It only took another 5 years for me to leave. I went back and checked my postings here... 2007 was the last DC....so this will be the third year not going...and thank goodness for that. I dont think I could keep myself from laughing.

    I only wonder what my JW mother thinks about all of this doctrinal changes. She was one who claimed to study...but really only studied WT literature...a rather biased source of course. sigh.

    Snakes (Rich )

  • bima

    I am so a shame, that now we really see the light more clear. I do not know how that happens, before we believed everything they said. Maybe we had a "crisis of conscience", but we silenced it quickly, because it was bad.

    Well, it feel so right, so free not to believe anything of that any more. And of course, be in the correct "light" and don't believe any of this anymore.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    We became witnesses together and we left together & we have no witnesses relatives & no children so for us its easiar to walk. However, it was still problematic leaving everyone you've known for the past 25 yrs. because of not being raised with it alot got by me & for some reason I thought it was ok to disagree mentally but of course I realized that wasn't going to work.

    as time goes by you realize just how dangerous this really is on so many levels. reading about the dc this year, was so disturbing & I feel your pain you who have family entrapped. they are busy destroying these ties in their desire & their fear. it is difficult to know what to do we can hope that the org will become so paranoid & insane that their actions will betray them to even the heaviest koolaid drinker.

  • marcopolo

    this year is the first time that I have decided not to go.. I won't go

    also if have all my family and many relatives.

    I want to be inactive.

    I have only the curiosity of that said but I don't want to be to listen our our there.

  • garyneal

    If I go, it will only be because I want to verify the talk outline shown on WT Comments before it got pulled by Youtube.

    The idea that they are stepping up the isolating oneself from family talks is disturbing. I will certainly watch what I say to my wife over the next few months as I am already marked in her mind as it is.

    Oh, and I may be marked in 'scholar's' mind too.


  • Pootler

    Is it really worse than it used to be, do you think, the exhortation to separate themselves from non-JW family? Bastards.

    My mum heard my brother and step-dad saying that I was full of dangerous apostate ideas a few weeks ago, after I asked about the scriptural basis for the overlap theory. And since then I've barely heard from him. I thought it was odd, because up until then he'd seen any challenge I made as just that - a good natured challenge and the chance to get a few more hours in. (I always asked, never told and was careful not to criticise.) But now, evidently, I'm too apostate to do that with.

    My next trip home should be a cozy affair...

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