JW’s District Convention 2010 – Drawn Closer to Jehovah. My reflections…

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  • Paulapollos

    I think what really staggers me is that it seems no-one notices? Is it really true that people sit there, and think "yes, this is totally plausible and rational, and normal? It really was like this." Is that real? Did no-one here ever start to think...hmm...when the drama was on? When we worked on the dramas, they slowly got more and more ludicrous - the last one I worked on was the John drama - and a more anachronistic drama I have never seen. Looks like it has been surpassed.


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    They're all afraid to question anything in the open. That's why the internet is such an enemy to the GB.

  • rocketman

    If it's a case of "obviously", why did it take the WTS nearly 100 years to figure it out?

  • watson

    There's a lot of "lys" in WT speak.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    It isn't that your average Dub doesn't get it, it is that your average Dub doesn't care enough to even try to get it.

    Us versus them. Us=good, them=Satan's evil world. We get to live forever with a pet lion. They get to suffer genocide at the hands of our loving God, Jehovah. We fear being on the wrong side when the genocide comes so we do whatever the Borg tells us to do. Beliefs? Doctrine? We believe we get to live forever with a pet lion if we do what we're told and you get to suffer genocide if you don't join us or worse, join us and then leave us.

    And that is the end of it. That is the depth of the average JW.

    Most of the ex-JWs here on JWN know FAR MORE about Watchtower theology than 99% of JWs. And the Borg is fine with it that way; indeed, they have programmed it to be so.

  • Paulapollos

    Mad Sweeny,

    I fear you have nailed it. Lions and lemurs, pandas and parrots, sailing round the world, big houses.........yes, it's Jam tomrrow for the brethren.


  • donuthole

    LOL - It seems I pegged the tone of this drama beforehand, that they would be continuing with the anachorisms and the reimagining the 1st century congregation to mirror the modern day organization of Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • straightshooter

    Thanks for sharing the highlights of the convention. It emphasizes how gullible ones can be in believing that the holy spirit is guiding the GB in providing this trash.

  • flipper

    ONEMORE- Thanks for sharing this information with us. For those of us who have a sizeable number of our family still in the JW's - it helps so we know how to go about talking with them and what to be careful about. The WT society is a deadly, dangerous, destructive and subversive mind control cult. They just use subtle techniques to alienate and pit witnesses against non-witness family.

    The point you stated where they said, " don't listen to any negative talk about the organization even if it comes from someone you love, respect, and trust. " THAT is a disgusting horrific thing to tell people as it is subverting family and natural affection for our flesh and blood relatives. It is typical of ALL mind control cults ( Jehovah's Witnesses included ) to use this mind control garbage and manipulate members emotions and affections towards any non-JW relatives.

    Once again it's like the WT society is promoting a " us against Them " attitude inside their organization. So they promote prejudice, hatred, ignorance, and elitism among the JW's. Is it any wonder that JW's thinks their poop doesn't stink and they bleed gold, not red ? They've had it drilled into their head that they are BETTER than everyone else - many of them really believe it. I see I'll have a challenge in talking with my JW family this summer. Just as long as they don't push this crap on me. Peace out, mr. Flipper

  • onemore

    On the drama…

    The main character’s wife (I think her name was Sarahi) had a brother whom she “loved dearly” (she said it in the drama). She explained to him that there was nothing worth fighting for in Jerusalem, to come with her and join her Christian community, she was lecturing him and he said to her “am I not a moral person too?” (something like that). As the drama reached its climax, she asked about her brother and got exited to hear news from him (one of the character went to Pella from Jerusalem), but when she heard bad news about him, she soon switched to something like, “oh well…he got screwed because he didn’t listen to me”, life goes on…

    In one of the monologues, the person mentioned how her worldly family claims that she doesn’t love them, how they want her to party, “drink” go to school, etc. but she soon snap into her senses…and realized that she needed to cut off her association with her non-JW family and tell them not to insist.

    During the last talk, I decided to go to the back of the auditorium to see how many people were paying attention. The speaker, at one point emphatically said something like this… “This world has no future, WE have a bright future, THEY will ALL be destroyed and WE will be the sole survivors in paradise”. EVERY BODY WAS CLAPPING. At that moment…(I feel teary right now) as I looked at the audience clapping after that statement..I thought to myself…. GOD… they are clapping for the death of my parents, work mates, the preacher next door, the police officers that keep us safe, teachers, etc…all because they are not JW’s. How much different is this from Natzy speech? “THEY all deserve to die, because they are not with US”.

    If you go, please pay attention, listen to the message, aside from the usual, part of it is…loyalty to the organization above loyalty to family and/or JW friends that are doubting and/or leaving (left) the organization.

    I hope that my enduring these three days will benefit some of you. Please be careful on how you talk to your JW family and friends. They are stepping up the “isolation” factor.

    People are asking questions, people are leaving, people are talking…they know it, so they (GB) are “stepping up to the plate”.

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