Did You Attend the "Big" Generation Watchtower Study Today?

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    Did you attend the Meeting today? This is a Thread for anyone who attended the "big" Generation Watchtower Study today to post their experiences/stories.

    Let's hear some wholesome, upbuilding encouragement from our brothers and sisters out there today!

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  • cult classic
    cult classic

    No. I went shopping and had lunch at Chipotle.

    Cult Classic

  • garyneal

    I was considering going, but my daughter and I went to church instead.

    Wife went.

    She said it was not at all how we were making it out to be.

    They even had a talk comparing unity to conformity.

    had lunch at Chipotle.

    Chipotle rocks!


    Garyneal, how strange. Our talk was about loyalty to Jehovah and his Org. Wonder if that was a common thread with all the public talks.

  • yknot

    I went....

    Answers for the generation paragraphs were pre-picked and scripted.

    I sat smack dab in the middle, made over-happy faces at the conductor and beamed like an idiot.....I could see he was uneasy about the article, but his company position is a defining title in his life, he loves being respected.

    I think my presence in such front and center way also disturbed him..... afterall why would Sister Yknot sit through an ENTIRE WT-study (1st in over a year without going outside or to the bathroom) and drag herself from the darkened second school, library or corner left seating to sit there like a beaming idiot with a dare-ya you goofy bastard look on her smirky little face!

    No gasped, ooohed or ahhhed......

    It was just another WT-Sunday, just another WT-study...... to the rest of them (baaaaaa sheeeeple baaaaa)

    Other than the Elders, kids I taught last week and myself absolutely none of them probably can define the generation as stated in the article! I am sure I would get a lot of Pre-1995 explanations!

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Sorry I woke up late then watched the Red Sox lose (drinking many beers) now I'm watching the Celtics (drinking many beers) ............ what was the question???

  • DaCheech

    went, and people swallowed it up like drones

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