Exposing the Sickness: they printed letter to editor on the WT's treatment of Ray Franz in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Sat.6/12/10

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    not a captive

    Closure isn't needed

    In Georgia recently, a religious "criminal" died. This one had been brought to account. He had admitted his wrongs. But here is a paradox: This man had thousands who are grateful for his "crime" and saddened by his death.

    Raymond Franz was 88 when he died. He had served as a minister and missionary and finally a member of the gGoverning Body of Jehovah's Witnesses---until suspicions grew that he was not happy with all his religion taught.

    Time magazine for Feb. 2,1983, wrote: "Franz privately concluded that the religion emphasized human organization rather than biblical teachings...[saying that] 'While producing people who were outwardly moral, they subverted the essential qualities of humility, compassion and mercy.'"

    He and his wife resigned from headquarters, moving to Georgia, but he was watched. Eating a meal with a benefactor who had resigned from the Witnesses provided the technical infraction for which Franz was finally "disfellowshipped". For thirty years, Franz was shunned.

    Franz wrote in "Crisis of Conscience": "At stake is the freedom to pursue spiritual truth untrammeled by arbitrary restrictions and the right to enjoy a personal relationship with God and his Son free from the interposition on the part of a human agency."

    Many of us think the "crime" of Ray Franz should never have closure.



    I had to say what I could in 250 words. I want my captive friends to have the big picture that was shut away from my eyes and my mind. There are the Time magazine article for them and Franz's book with the info, Crisis of Conscience for them to check out privately.and I wanted them to know how the FDS DF'd him.

    When they are in field service this Saturday morning, they break for coffee in droves at Rick's Bakery. I picture a brother picking up a paper lying about and reading what happened to Ray Franz at the hands of "God's Organization"---and choking on his donut. I hope the brother says something to the others and I don't care what it is--I hope eventually the real truth will set them free.

    The Organization bears the fruit that it bears--that's all there is to it---and it is rotten to the core.

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    Very well said, Maeve.

    Bless you.

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    Well said!


    Good Job..I like it..

    ........................... ...OUTLAW

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    Well done, Maeve!


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    Can people comment on those articles for the next few weeks? The smart thing for them to do would be not to comment at all - because any comment would probably shed some additional light onto the organization. I'd be watching. A public argument might give others more reason to look up the Time magazine at least.


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    compound complex

    Love you, Maeve!


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    not a captive

    Yeah, I wanted it to be like "Br'eR Rabbit and the Tar Baby" the more you punch it the harder you are stuck.

    Like I said, I don't care what they say if they complain or whatever--only good can come of it. I hope it sticks in their brains like a cockle-burr!

    I took a copy across the street to the young man whose mother was my-o-so-very-best-friend JW. He and his wifeare not. But I know his family has suffered under the DFing rules, etc. so I asked him to read it and spread the word to his mom and all the young DFd folks he knows. The Truth will set us free.

    Thanks friends for your kind remarks, I'm just doing what you all are doing --taking a stand, finally.

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