Happy, Well-Adjusted JW. However... Pet Peeve. Please Sound Off Yours.

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  • noni1974

    The fact that the WTS kills any and all enjoyment a JW could ever have in the JW's. An example would be congregation picnics. Back when I was a JW, 12 years ago now, they were very common. Every summer one family or another would put a potluck together and have it a some park in the area I grew up in. It was fun. A little distraction from the norm. Everyone was invited. Now those are not "recommend". Please tell me why getting together with your fellow JW's is a bad thing?? You can't go to these kinds of functions outside the JW's so why ban them inside??

    Everyone was invited. No one was left out. All it was, was good clean fun with your brothers and sister. They don't allow friends outside the Borg and now they don't want you to associate to closely with those who are in either. The problem I see as most scary in the JW's now is the over PC direction they have taken with everything. Young people need fun in their lives if they want to keep them. If they keep killing any and all fun a JW has it will be like squeezing a fist around a hand full of sand. The tighter the grip the more that get away.

    It's all about control. The governing body would be happy if everyone had zero emotions/thoughts of their own at all. Easier to control. Sheep meant to be led. I don't think anyone in Bethal has any recollection of what it's like to be a young JW anymore.

  • exwhyzee

    The Watchtower is a printing corporation...no new books...not enough printing to keep em all busy maybe?

    What about all those books still out there with the wrong information in them...should there be a recall ?

    It seems like over the decades every possible topic has been covered at some time or another in the Magazines. Why not "go green" and just reread the old ones...? Or download and print the articles off the Societies Website if you're interested in a particular subject.

    I understand wanting to keep track of the hours spent in the Ministry world wide, but why is it necessary to put ones name on the time slips that are turned in each month ? Is putting your name on it just a way to keep track of the individual and create a sort of incentive to do more because someone is wathcing. Someone in our hall used to turn in their time without putting their name on the time slip. He or she was reffered to as "The Phantom Publiser"

    One 60 second public service announcement on Television or the Internet would reach millions of people in a matter of seconds...which is much quicker than having the witnesses driving around each day knocking on empty homes. After all "This good news of the kingdom will be preached through out the inhabited earth....and THEN the end will come." Why not speed it up a little or would that mess up the date that only God knows about ? The Bible talks about going from door to door because that was the only way there was to do it in those days. They use computers, printing presses and other technology to get the work done...why not take advantage of all the available means to speed up the work?

    There are over 7 million Witnessses in the world. If each one donated only 1 dollar per month to the Society that would be $84 million a year (right?) not counting all the other revenue they bring in. I know I used to donate a lot more than one dollar per month and I think others did too. Where does all the money go?

    Why did we always have to clean the stadiums we were renting before and after we used them ?

    Why was Father's Day biblically incorrect ?

  • JimmyPage

    If they're going to trot out a new songbook, would it kill them to have one single uptempo number with a catchy chorus and a backbeat? Something along the lines of "I Wanna Hold God's Hand" LOL!


  • designs

    Just be sure and Recycle the stuff when you're done..............

  • garyneal

    I've always wondered why the Jehovah's Witnesses are still singing old hymns in their song books. I mean, really, did the first century Christians do this? I can imagine now a bunch of people in the first century singing dry hymns along with a dry piano beat in the background. Now they just play a tape that has the piano playing. Sooo late 19th and early 20th century. At least the hymns in the churches are a little bit more lively, well I said a little, just a little.

    This is yet another reason why they remind me of the old Independent Fundamental Baptist churches I use to attend. If the songs were not from the old time gospel hour, the old hymns, and you weren't reading from a KJV, you were living in sin.

    If the songs were not from the Watchtower Society, the old hymns, and you weren't reading from a NWT, you were living in sin.

    Oh and let's not forget, ladies MUST where dresses to church (er meetings). Another similarity.

  • minimus

    1 is 2 many

  • StAnn

    exwhyzee, I was told that we didn't celebrate Mother's Day or Father's Day because it was idolatrous, putting Mother's and Father's on a pedestal for a day.

    Really, it's just that they are anti-family. They don't want anyone to BE a mother or a father.

    PetPeeve? ~ The pathetic regurgitated "comments" at the meetings.


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