Happy, Well-Adjusted JW. However... Pet Peeve. Please Sound Off Yours.

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  • wannabefree

    (Ecclesiastes 12:12) . . .take a warning: To the making of many books there is no end, and much devotion [to them] is wearisome to the flesh.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I'm not a happy well adjusted JW anymore (never was come to think of it). Inactive fat 0 in FS for 18 months, becoming irregular at meetings, eyes wide open and seeing the BS... however pet peeves are / were:

    Why we have to report FS? We dont make a report of our donations (or lack of) do we...

    Why FS hours are important over ability regarding responsibilities? I have no "priviledges" anymore because of my 0 hours, yet I could still handle mics, run the sound, open / close in prayer (yuk), do items etc but am NOT ALLOWED to.

    The book study, ..... now done away with finally.

    Same old, same old... repeat ad nausium the same old material. Little real bible study, just do's and don'ts all the frickin time.

    That'll do for now...

  • AudeSapere

    There was a thread within the past year that seemed to indicate they make money of the introduction of new books.

    It's like a guaranteed sale to the organization.

    Also donations for the convention itself.

    My guess is that with general contributions going down, literature releases will increase.????


  • NiceDream

    I couldn't get baptized because I didn't put in 10 hours a month in the "ministry." The elders thought I was unworthy of dedicating my life to God because I didn't put in enough time...I guess it's all about the numbers and perception. Too bad they deemed me worthy a few months later, otherwise I wouldn't be dedicated to an org.

    How the service guy won't hand me the KMs and needs to give them to my husband.

  • blondie

    Because they have to give the illusion that there is something new every year. Instead it's the SOC.

    jws complain if they have to study the same book over and over, e.g., Revelation Climax book.

    Maybe jws aren't getting it the first time around and they have to re-word it and make it more "clear."

    Maybe they can't study the same book again because they have had too many "updates", e.g., 3 on generation in the last few years.

    Just a response to yours.

    I have no PET peeves, just MAJOR concerns.

  • yknot

    Pet Peeve:

    1) Passing off DC talk experiences as if they were authentic to the outline presenter.

    2) People who express themselves as 'good JWs' and yet can't tell me the uber simple explanation of what the 'troof' is....

    3) Jesus' meant commentary

    4) The lack of discerning the Great Tribulation prior to the Big A by otherwise intelligent JWs.

  • pirata

    99% of the applications of talks/articles is "Go in service. Study. Go to the meetings.. Comment. Pray". Repeat Ad Nauseum

    ie. Publisher: Good application at the meeting today: "Go in service. Study. Go to the meetings. Comment. Pray".

    Elder: Yes, the faithful slave realizes that we need those reminders day after day, week after week, month after month. It is obvious that we are not very good listeners.

    Publisher: It's true, I always feel like I'm not doing enough

    Elder. Going in service, study, commenting, being at the meetings and praying will help you combat those negative feelings.

  • Scully

    They need to publish new books in order to sell them, in order to attempt to keep some kind of revenue stream.

    Textbooks need to be revised about every five years in order to be current with research and scientific evidence.

    The WTS discards Old Light™, replaces it with New Light™ (or at least the pretense of New Light™), thus creating the necessity to generate up-to-date publications. The WTS is a publishing company, after all.

    (Haven't you ever scanned through two editions of the same book to try and spot the differences?)

  • AllTimeJeff

    I thought it was just a part of being a cult, and that the ROI of trying to milk donations from the flock depends on them being excited that Jehovah is moving his celestial wagon wheels....

  • Nephilim

    Pet peeve:

    Focus on "pagan origins".

    Garfield has pagan origins.

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