To You, Is "Nice" a Four-letter Word?

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  • ziddina

    [From Beks...]: "I love your pride Zid..."

    Pride, schmide... Idiot husband and I were at a campsite; some construction worker/squatter was hanging out at the picnic table but wasn't camping there... Drinking his coffee, or something...

    As we were unpacking and setting up our tent and stuff, I noticed that he'd drawn out some knife - not a Bowie, but a 6" - 8" blade... He was running it along the edge of the [WOODEN!!] table, and grinning evilly at me... Like he was sharpening it with me in mind...

    Idiot husband was TOTALLY ignoring all of this... [I think that his tendency to ignore - or deny - unpleasant situations, causes a sort of 'blindness' wherein he truly cannot see such situations arising...]

    First thought thru my head was "GreenHorn"!!! I told him [the construction worker creep] that he'd have better luck sharpening that thing on something like sandstone, or the bottom of a ceramic cup... He flips his cup over and continues sharpening, still grinning at me...

    I take another look at him, pull my hatchet from the car, get our big whetstone out, and start sharpening my hatchet within 7 feet of him, grinning back at him in the same fashion...

    He turns white as a sheet, packs up and leaves within 5 minutes...

    I hate bullies!!! But I LOVE calling their yellow-bellied, chicken-livered bluffs...


  • snowbird


    You rock!!!


  • ziddina

    Thanks, Sylvia...

    Actually, I just like hatchets... And rock hammers... And I want a "Bowie" knive - or maybe a way to keep my sawed-off golf club on the bike frame - when I go bicycling... For mean dogs - and stuff...

    Urk! What was this thread about again???

  • mrsjones5

    Ziddina, you and my hubby would totally get along. He's go a hatchet (brought it with us from Indiana for protection) and he's jonesing to get a big bowie knife. The man loves knives...and guns.

  • ziddina

    I'm not a big gun fan... Though I'm a crack shot with a rifle... Never owned one, and don't really like the "gun mentality" prevalent in the U.S....

    But, I have had a hatchet since I was 12, and lemme tell you, I can split kindling as tiny as my pinkie!!! Rock hammers - never could quite figure out the best way to use them - they seem to destroy samples as much as obtain them...

    But the rock hammer REAAALLY came in useful, one cold September, when we slid into a snowbank up on Engineer Pass [elevation 12,700+ feet...] in the San Juans, and got stuck...

    NO help available for 20 miles, at least... The snow crystallized - like an avalanche does - under the front of the 4-Runner, and up under the front axle. Couldn't fit the shovel under there, but that rock hammer - MADE for that type of situation!! A little bit of hacking, and I had the front axle free... And sometime I'll tell you the REST of the story...

    But, for bicycle riding, and the hazard of dogs - especially BIG, nasty dogs, like pit bulls - I'd like to have something that'll discourage them quickly... Hmmmmm..... Perhaps a quirt???

    Oh, and bear spray?? Doesn't work very well...


  • beksbks

    Ok, tell me your yellow bellied, chicken livered grinner was in The South?

  • ziddina

    Noooo, my stompin' grounds are the Rockies... And the San Juans... And the Sierra Nevadas... And the Wind River range... And - uh, Lake Louise, and the Black Tusk, and... Oh, yeah!! Telegraph Peak!! And the Inyos - mmmmmm, Goddess! I LOVE the Inyos... If ever a mountain range was haunted by nature spirits, it'd be the Inyos...

    A-Hem!!! In other words, out West... Colorado, Wyoming, Nevada, British Columbia, Alberta - the Canadian Rockies, New Mexico, California...

    And so, that construction worker yahoo was probably of a local variety... Could have been from anywhere, tho... We get lots of imports, out here in the west - you know, "Go West, Young Man!!"

    Sorry to disappoint you, Beks... Zid

  • not a captive
    not a captive

    That sounds beautiful, zid. I have not traveled very much further west than Loveland , Colorado. My husband says the West is grand and great. He says Montana was his mother.

    Nice... nice means something positive to me. But it doesn't mean being wishy-washy. It means to be substantially pleasant and hospitable to all you meet. It wasn't natural to me, my family had a sarcastic way about them. It wasn't kind, if you were on the receiving end.

    When I decided to undo those habits because of Jesus (I wasn't a JW then) I saw how corrupting it was to relationships, that sarcasm. I taught my children to be respectful of others. I think that was nice.

  • beksbks

    I can see his toothless Southern grin dagnabbit!

    This reminds me of one of my favorite movies for some reason. Thelma and Louise.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew


    interesting campsite story


    nice is a very bland word that doesn't convey much thats why the expression "have a nice day" is such a perfunctory gesture

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