The Writing Department's use of "Exclamation Points". Anybody else find their use cheesy? Or motivating possibly?

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  • Girlie

    Well, it works on the majority of the R & F. It just tugs at the heart strings!!!!

  • Soldier77

    How dare you question the use of our timely and emphatic use of exclamation points!! It is punctuation at the proper time!

    Yes, it's cheesy. No, not a petty remark either, I too found there use of ! was overdone and the sentence being stressed in that way always sounded like they were putting thoughts into our head instead of thinking of our own reaction.

  • pirata

    In order to be emotionally manipulative in written form you need exclamation marks.

    It is hard to disagree with the faithful slave when you think they've misapplied the scriptures. How much harder it is to disagree when exclamation points are used to reinforce the point such that it should be so obvious that you should not be questioning it!

  • JeffT

    From Wikipedia:

    Overly frequent use of the exclamation mark is generally considered poor writing, for it distracts the reader and reduces the mark's meaning.

    Cut out all those exclamation marks. An exclamation mark is like laughing at your own jokes.
    F. Scott Fitzgerald

    I was taught in college (my BA is in English) that while some use in fiction ("Halt!" The Nazi officer yelled.") it does not belong in serious nonfiction.

  • steve2

    Let us vow to never tire of using the exclamation point to make our point!

  • Soldier77

    I should do a (!) count in the publications and compare them to (.). Hmmm... that's too much work. nvm.

  • straightshooter

    Sometimes I wonder if the use of exclamation marks is for the Watchtower/Cong reader from the platform more than the readers in the audience. Then the stupid cong reader will know what he should read more boldly.

  • Lozhasleft

    Yep good observations...its all about emotional manipulation !!!

    Loz x

  • sir82
    it does not belong in serious nonfiction.

    Well there's the issue right there.

    No one with the intelligence of a 3rd grader or above considers the Society's writings as "serious nonfiction".

  • somebody

    I find ,and did find in my years "in", VERY annoying! The writing AND the overuse of exclamation points !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I think the WT should have used more exclamation points in this one :





    You must forgive me for forgetting to renew the subscription for the good magazine Awake! It is an informative, educational, and factual magazine with inspiring and awakening topics. I want all the back issues I’ve missed. I cannot miss even one. Thank you for patiently helping to fight ignorance."

    N. S., Sri Lanka



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