Are You Eccentric?

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  • Gregor


  • HintOfLime

    Being "eccentric" on the internet doesn't count.

    Fortunately, being eccentric in the real world is easier than you think!

    • Step 1: Invite a group of friends over to your home.
    • Step 2: Take off all your clothes (this ensures everyone is looking at you).
    • Step 3: With everyone watching, pick a random mushroom out of your yard * .
    • Step 4: Eat the mushroom * .
    • Step 5: Announce to everybody that you are "bored now" and that they all have to go home.

    VoilĂ ! You're eccentric!

    - Lime

    * It works best if the "random mushroom" is actually a store-bought mushroom, but hey - if you followed these instructions exactly, you wouldn't really be eccentric, now would you?

  • nelly136

    never had plantain before, might give it a go, curious now.

  • snowbird
  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I'm an eccentric, big time!!! Funny/crazy eccentricities too!!!

    I crack myself up all the time over how eccentric I am, and yet how happy I carry on regardless of the many quirks in my personality. I cover up quite nicely all my quirkiness when in public; I've become a master in disguising my eccentricities.

    I've sincerely to thank the Society for that; otherwise, I'd be one of those freaks that doesn't step foot outside of the home or has any friends.


  • shamus100
  • moogle

    No - not at all eccentric. But I would classify myself as a fringe dweller.

    Cheers, Moogle

  • shamus100
  • tec


    Just forgetful.

    But being eccentric would be more fun :)

    Shamus -

  • compound complex
    compound complex


    VoilĂ ! You're eccentric!

    Thank you for the correct and not the phonetic spelling.

    My issue is mispeled forein words.


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