What Hinders the Governing Body From Learning From Their Mistakes? Could Delusions Of Being Jehovah's Chosen Ones be to Blame?

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  • WTWizard

    Their real aim is control--and money is one thing they can use to get that. They want to run the world--short of that, they want to run as many people's lives as they can. The money is secondary to running our lives, which is why they sacrifice making more money off educated people for the sake of preaching them away from college.

    Also, if they make a "mistake", it is not really a mistake. They are aware that Armageddon is not coming at the day they say it is. What they really want is to get people to sell out and waste the next few years preaching urgently, knowing that nothing is going to happen. At which point, they will blame the flock and claim they never promised Armageddon when they really did. Frequently, it involves setting a new date or making adjustments so they can extend the window into the near future.

  • superpunk

    They're old, dumb, and they live in a bubble.


    I think that ssop said it best. Yes, the governing body knows that their religion is a fraud but just like Ray Franz said, they are victims of victims so they were decieved too. These people have been JW's their whole lives and were brought up in the faith. They moved up the ranks, most likely believing what they were taught. But once they've gotten high enough in the Org. to know that there are no messages being delivered to the Governing Body through angels or whatever, they may have become atheists or agnostics and don't really believe the bible at all, but they know that the rank and file does. They keep up all the pretences because they would destroy the spiritual lives of millions. They don't blame themselves because they didn't start the religion or the deception but have been placed in a position that Ray Franz was put in, but seeing what happend to him, they became willing acomplises to protect their own power, authority, etc., because after all, it's not a bad gig, it's about self preservation now. People commit suicide or do all kinds of crazy things when their world view is shattered. The governing body may be protecting the rank and file from themselves.

  • daniel-p

    Power corrupts.

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