What Hinders the Governing Body From Learning From Their Mistakes? Could Delusions Of Being Jehovah's Chosen Ones be to Blame?

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  • frankiespeakin

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    little witch

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  • flipper

    Pride, arrogance, greed, & insanity

  • glenster

    The JWs leaders delusional in thinking they're the chosen leaders of a literal
    144,000? That affectation is the basis for their faleshoods and provides the
    evidence for exposes, like at the next link:

    They think they're that exclusive about as much as Popoff thought Jesus was
    talking to him through the radio reciever in his ear.

  • tec

    It's probably both. Delusional, with a bit of doubt that is scary, so it gets shoved back down under the delusion.


  • StAnn

    I don't think there's any delusion going on at all. I think everyone is just drunk with power. These are little, little men with no real qualifications who would be absolute nothings in the corporate world but in New York they are little gods. They lie through their teeth knowingly and then dance when they see how the stupid sheeple just lap it up.

    It's all about having the power to run other people's lives and for the incredible adoration they receive. No GB member really believes any of that crap. I'd bet money on it.


  • sspo

    Put yourself in their shoes as a member of the GB and you well know that you do not receive anything from heaven,

    no vision, no voice, no sign, you are on your own interpreting the bible, doctrines such as the " generation, 144k and blood ".

    They are not delusional but in 2010 they well know that the religion is all but a scam but they cannot

    do a damn thing otherwise they would destroy the spiritual lives of millions.

    That's why they continue to play the game and continue to trick millions.

    They are not stupid, just wicked men that lack humility!!!

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    When I first found out I had been had and was doing a lot of research I came across an opinion from a Uni Prof who had been studying the Dubbies for a couple decades.

    Rather than coming to the conclusion that they had The Truth, he thought that the belief that they were guided by Holy Spirit had led them to become 'sloppy in their research'.

    I think that was putting it very mildly



  • designs

    If you were the Pope would you step down.

    John Calvin was called the Pope of Geneva in his day.........and it wasn't a compliment.

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