Does anyone remebr the "Rooming Work"

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  • OnTheWayOut

    ex, that's a great story. Thanks for telling of such a horrible thing they expected of JW's back then. I suppose it goes on in some countries like that nowadays.

  • four candles
    four candles

    I remember that also, and we stayed in a house for the 1969 Wembly gig. The couple were going away leaving thier son at home so we bagged thier rooms. Unfortunatly,the lad had a massive party on the Saturday night which kept us awake......mind you,it was the first time I heard Hendrix,and at a volume to be blew my 9 year old mind!!!!

  • moshe

    I sure wish I still had this 1947 Chrysler. It road like a limo, that is what 5000 lbs of steel does for you.

  • Quentin

    Dallas Texas 1966, Market Hall...we canvased all over the nearby in Ft. Worth we drove over every I remember it "Rooming Work" was done for distric assemblies as well...circute, don't recall...Those were indeed the times...

  • Jim_TX


    Not to change the subject, but my dad had one of these in a lighter blue (or was it just faded?), and a 4-door version. I barely remember it, but it looked very much like this car. I think it was even the same year model. He bent the frame on it, driving it to work one day, when he got run off the road. I think my mom sold it after my dad died for about $50.00.


    Jim TX

  • palmtree67

    I wonder how many of the governing body ever had to stay in a place arranged for them by the rooming department??

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    No but we were poor and always had brothers stay over for conventions.

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    The St Petersburg Asssembly is the only time in my memory that my father ever used ROOMING to book accomodations. He only did it that time because he felt pressured to do so. But he never did it again.

    My parents went to the 1958 International Assembly at Yankee Stadium. I guess they probably did use ROOMING that time and maybe that's why my father never tried it again until 1969.

    They stayed in a hotel in Chelsea. I'm not sure exactly which one. But they did not have air conditioning, they had to share a bathroom with others on the floor, and there was a balcony that went all around the hotel with no barrier between rooms so there were other people walking past their room all night long. It was hot as hell and they had to open the windows. My mother was a 26 year old from rural South Carolina. She was petrified and talked about this experience the rest of her life.

  • mimimimi

    In 1970, there was a convention in St. Louis at Busch Stadium. I participated in the rooming work in Granite City, IL across the river from St. Louis. We went only to the best neighborhoods and were very particular about which homes would be accepted for rooming. Homes where the witnesses could use a separate entrance and not share a bathroom with the homeowner were considered ideal. Also, the homeowner was to be paid so much a night by whomever they let stay there. It was not free.

    In the early 70's, cannot remember which year, my mother and two younger sisters and I stayed in a lady's home in Kansas City during the convention. She was elderly and her husband had died within the last few months before. The home was very nice, but spooky. The rocking chair on the front porch would start rocking early every morning at the same time with no one in it. We used a shower in the basement. We girls started accompanying one another down there to take a shower because if one of went alone, we could hear footsteps approaching the shower, getting closer and closer, but if we were all three down there nothing happened. Funny thing, the old lady would not stay in the house by herself. When we left, she left, and she wanted to know when we would be back and she would not come back till we did. We had the distinct impression that she did not want to be in the house by herself.

  • WTWizard

    That is the advantage of becoming a witless in the late 1980s instead of the early 1970s. Knowing the slimebag that dragged me into the cancer, he would have made me take part of the rooming work every Grand Boasting Session, at that in some of the poorest and crappiest neighborhoods in the city.

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