Does anyone remebr the "Rooming Work"

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    Yep! I used to canvass for rooms and stayed in quite a few. When I was a callow young lad of 17 I stayed with an attractive young women in her twenties. Her husband was working away at the time.

    In the morning she brought me coffee and sat on the bed and talked. The next thing she is trying to get in the bed with me. I can't imagine what she was after? It's the only time I ever wrestled with an angel!

  • mouthy

    Oh yes I remember it well. I used to love to go to Pastors,Ministers,Priests, Asking them to put our dear
    Brothers,& Sisters?up.One Minister did put a couple up....

    I believed they needed the "truth" .Unfortunatly I went to an assembly & heard the speaker(MINISTER BEFORE) say he was NOW
    a JWS ...Dear God I hope it wasnt one who I lied too.

    I also conned my daughter who was an unbeliever to stay at a "sisters" house.& come to the Montreal

    assembly( that is where we lived )Unfortunatly she was taken IN by the assembly,is now a died in the wool JW
    Oh how I wished I never heard of this CULT!!!!!!!It took my daughter & grandkids,& great grandkids from me.

  • Deceived

    I forgot all about that horrible time of my life but YES I was a kid when that "work" was around. My Mom and I had to do it in Ottawa Ontario but she was not so uncaring or stupid that she took on offers of rooms in unclean unsafe environments.

    My parents also used the rooming offer when we went too one of the BIG Assemblies in NYC one year in the 1960's. We couldn't afford the hotel rooms there so had to stay at some unbelievers house in their little humble room. I remember my Mom saying shhhhhhhhh over and over and make sure you leave a good witness and be very quiet and good. My goodness I was afraid to flush the toilet. It was very uncomfortable.

    I feel for exwhyzee (spelling) that was just awful, whoever did the rooming work was obviously not caring about their fellow brothers and sisters. I mean really, sending a family with children to a batty old ladies place that was not clean or safe.

    My parents often used the tenting/trailer park offers for assemblies in fields of brothers in the area of the assembly. Not fun since no bathroom facilities or washing up was offered. FUN Fun!!

    It certainly was a experience being a JW no matter what era you experienced it in but some of the times it was downright unacceptable but the WTBTS headquarters didn't give a darn. You had to be a masochist to stick it out with them.

    I remember booking a room throught the rooming dept when they had a BIG international assembly in Montreal in 1978. I had an unbelieving husband, 2 little toddlers and pregnant. My Mom a diehard witness had a disassociated husband and wanted to come with me to help (not). She said we HAVE to use the rooming dept, it would be Wrong to book a hotel without using them. I had another witness lady friend with a unbelieving husband that wanted to come with us with her 2 little children and a single girl from our congregation. We were going to take the train into downtown Montreal. Well the rooming dept was very cold when I called them and not at all caring. I said I had little children and was pregnant and that my friend had a baby and no car so needed something near the subway at least. Sorry they said you take what we give you and they sent me a letter later. Had to wait. They gave us a room at a motel out by the Airport (maybe 10 miles away) which had no transportation to the downtown location of the assembly. My Mom said no don't complain Jehovah knows what is best. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I went along with it. What a expensive and difficult time that was. No one could drive but me , I was heavily pregnant with two children under 3. We had to rent a car when we got off the train and fight traffic and pay for parking everyday of that assembly. Anyway all I can remember is the shock that they were so UNCARING on the phone at the rooming dept and said they could not take into consideration my plight, even though I booked early.

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