Verbal abuse and an apology

by Cagefighter 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • snowbird

    Tee hee hee.

    I'm just funnin' with you, Cagey.


  • sacolton

    Where's my apology?

  • Cagefighter

    Allright you butt munchers.... I APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE! I can see where this is going LOL... Seriously I talked to my on and off again girlfiend last night. We've been dating for 6 months now the longest relationship I have had in 8 years. I realized that my disagreement or dissapointment in someone is not grounds to attack their character and I told her. She isn't mad she just wants space still getting over her divorce but I needed to get it off my chest. This is something the JW's taught me. People that are wrong= Bad People and they will persecute you.... Every woman leaves me and I don't want to hear "your verbally abusive" again. I love my on again off again girlfriend and we are good friends too. She seemed surprised when I called her and told her I realized I do this and never knew what people meant by "verbal abuse" till yesterday.

  • Darth plaugeis
    Darth plaugeis

    Cagey........... please tell me her name isn't Yoko is it???

    I mean our band man!!!

  • little witch
    little witch

    I am with BG and others, in that an apology is admirable but only sincere if given in humility.

    Blaming others (women, in cagies circumstance) makes the apology conditional and blaming.

    My two


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