Standing up for myself, a lonely stand

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  • truthlover

    I truly believe we are alone, we do have to take the stand for ourselves and you have done a grand thing -- your mind will clear and you will see what needs to be done to protect yourself - we all have that instinct, even if our loved ones dont seem to have it at the time we need it, so be strong--put yourself in a state of attraction -- by that I mean, think of your goal and work towards it and it will happen - the mind is very strong and for the relief and peace you want, you can make it happen - even tho others dont help you do it

    Know that there are so many others who have walked the same road and overcome

  • flipper

    TROUBLED MIND- I'm so sorry you are going through this lack of support right now, and have gone through it in your past. But your assessment of the situation is accurate- after all is said and done the most important person to trust is yourself . You know you better than anybody. You know your emotions , heart, and mind. I know it's a big letdown with your husband right now - but like some have said, he's still under the fear put forth under the spell of JW cult mind control. So he's reasoning out of fear , not strength. You are feeling more confident in yourself because you are getting more acquainted with your authentic, non-cult personality- thus you're standing up for yourself. And that's a good thing - especially now when the elders want to dominate you. Please know we feel for you, we're always here if you want to talk, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Sherilynn

    Keep doing what you know YOU need to do. I was a JW for 25 yrs and when the reality hit me in the face that this was not God's only channel and I started to do my own research I too felt I was the only one making the journey. So many times I have said: Thank God for the Internet. At first they tried to be loving and sent ones to help me spiritually but when they realized that I had questions and evidence they could not answer the visits became few and far between. My husband (not a JW but with family members who were) was at first somewhat up set and could not understand why I would continue to have discussions with them, he just wanted to let things be... I couldn't as I was so mad at what I was learning, gradually as I shared my new knowledge with him, he began to tell me when they were in the neighborhood so I could be prepared if it was someone who did not know me and where I now lived was doing the door to door work. Last time the pulled the sister from going up my driveway, darn and I was getting ready to get some "time in". We have had a Xmas Tree for the last three years but no out front lights, I am just too lazy to go that far, but if you looked up you could see my tree. They have just left me alone.

    However, I did call Patterson about the Generation and asked the brother if he could show me any scripture reference of two groups making one Generation of "contemporaries" as I could not see it scriptually and he answered "I cannot" . When I said to him "let say I was a 60 yr old annointed sister, how could I possibly say that I was a contempory of Brother Franz born in 1893, just because we both where alive in 1992, asking him, does this make any sense to you as to what purpose could this change be of any benefit to us, he answered: "I can't say" I aksed him to pass along to the brothers that they need to drop all the dogma and generation changes and concentrate on the teachings of Jesus and building love amoung the brotherhood, He said he would. I think the more they are aware of the shifting of the flock to start to question what this organization really stands for the more hardnosed they are going to be so that they can put Godly Fear in the flock hoping more will not question their doctrine. Whether you realize it or not others in the flock are aware what is happening to you and it may help some to ask where is all this love that would be the mark of true christians.

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    troubled mind; you have a pm

  • judge rutherFRAUD
    judge rutherFRAUD

    tm you haVE A PM.

  • flipper

    SHERILYNN- Wow ! Great first post ! You spell it out there like it should be known ! That is so cool you called Patterson to challenge and question the " generation overlap " theory. Good for you. It doesn't surprise me they had no answer for you. They keep members in the dark on how they pull these teachings out of a hat

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    thanks Judgefraud you also have a pm

  • no more kool aid
    no more kool aid

    TM, I just told my husband this evening that if I didn't have him to talk this crap through with I think I would have went crazy the last two years. I feel like you that I am at a turning point and I may be writing a letter soon also. Just can't stand all the constant reminders of the sickness that I was part of for most of my life, it's worth loosing my pathetic family to be rid of it all.

    Finding yourself is no easy task for a true blue JW. No real childhood to discover yourself play sports, a musical instrument, meet people or go to college. When you leave the organization it is as if you are left with nothing. All I have (thank God) are the things they told me not to do, have a family and get a career. That is why they want you to have nothing, so you won't leave! Hope you patch things up with your husband soon, sometimes people just aren't in the same place yet. He may intellectually understand but still has a visceral response to the fact that you may be DF'ed that fear and control lingers, hopefully he will get up to speed soon! Would be happy to talk, if you want to PM me, sounds like we are in the same place. NMKA

  • jamiebowers
    Last night I realized I am still the only one I can depend on to stand up for myself . A conversation with my husband made me very sad last night . He was not happy because I had already sent the letter to the Elders telling them to stop harassing me . He felt that I was being to rash .......that I didn't give them the chance to be loving ??? It was a slap in the face to realize he has no idea how bad these people have made me feel . I wanted so much for him to stand up for ME ,be indignant with the way they have treated his wife . Really feel my pain and understand I want to feel protected

    Your husband can't be your hero in this case, because he has never stood where you now stand. Like my husband says, "You don't know what a sore back feels like til you have one". Don't feel too badly about him. You have many, maybe thousands, who know exactly how you feel and can bolster you up.

    Great song, OTWO. I love Boston.

    Profound post, as usual, SD-7!

    TM, this song makes me cry every time I hear it, because it makes me think of the loving spirit among exjws. We're always trying to "fix" each other. And as improbable as that seems, associating with the people here really helps...

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