Gratitude from a long time lurker!

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  • Lozhasleft

    Welcome ... thank you for sharing some of your story ...I'm sorry you were treated so badly and very glad to hear that you're now healing nicely...

    Loz x

  • wobble

    Big Wobble Welcome Thetis !

    Thanks for giving us some of your story, I am looking forward to hearing more, i.e how you managed your fade etc.

    Remember, it is never too late to study, and there are many routes, on-line being one, here in the U.K we have the Open University which puts it all on-line, it is a respected institution. I am sure you can find a reputable organization where you are.

    Welcome again.

  • chicken little
    chicken little

    Welcome! I have asked my husband about his approach to asking about fornication, adultery etc, he said if he was at a jc he just asked the couple or person if they knew what the two terms meant. If they said yes, then he asked if that was what had happened and then took it from there as to how they felt about it. No details were needed. Some brothers did not like this but if my husband was there then that was enough. I respect him for that, even though now he is ashamed he ever had anything to do with judging people.

    Hope you find peace, and a good life, the world is not so bad you know!

  • iknowall558

    Welcome thetis. I enjoyed your first post although Im sorry for what you went through. Looking forward to hearing more of your story.

  • teel

    Welcome Thetis. It's very sad that these people with absolutely no therapeutical knowledge are allowed to mess up people's lives in such way. I wish you a good life from now on.

  • Thetis

    Thanks to all for the welcome. Besides the fear of someone recognizing some aspect of my story, my other fear was that of rejection. What if what I have to say is unimportant or that I hi-jack a thread? So do you see the courage it took for me to finally register!(chuckle..chuckle..)

    However, I had to honestly thank you all! When I first started reading here, I truly was in no-man's land. I knew that I no longer believed, I knew that I had no hope and yet I was still sitting in front of my therapist saying things like "I don't want to bring reproach on the organization you know, I don't want to stumble you (in case she became interested at some point as she enjoys investigating various religions), it's my fault. I realized the need for research but didn't know where to start. Now I have access to everything that has always troubled me, not from a biased point of view.

    Wobble, I did register to do a degree in Psychology but only completed a year. I think with working full-time and having to be with younger students, I gave up. I also think Psychology perhaps wasn't for me in the end - except that I did benefit. I always felt that I would be inept to help someone, as I was so messed up myself. I will definitely look into the on-line learning aspect.

    Chickenlittle, I also respect your husband for that because it takes courage to go against the majority. I do play that scenario over and over in my head (not as much though) and I wonder what his motive was for asking such humiliating questions. Did he want the lurid details, did he want to see if I was repentent enough? I have often spoken to my Mother about this and I think when she last had a shepherding call, she mentioned this to an elder (I would imagine they asked about me) The one elder said to her "but we are only human you know and we have made mistakes in the past. I, for one am not as judgemental as I used to be! Things have changed" Of course, I tell my Mother, it's ok for them, use the old "we're imperfect" line, it works every time! But what about the one's they have damaged in their line of so called duty, of keeping the congregation clean.

  • finallysomepride

    Welcome Thetis, great to have you here

  • mentallyfree31

    Welcome. Glad to have you here.


  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    According to the Elders manual and what constitutes loose conduct they are encouraged to ask such humiliating and demoralizing questions. It goes right to the top the insensitive sick fuxxers that run the Org. Like so many on this board I have suffered profound losses and subsequently ran the whole gambit of emotions including suicidal but hey what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger A triumph of the human spirit. Today I am content enjoy life and am emotionally well adjusted Re: emotionally well adjusted That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it

    Welcome Thetis your among friends who understand where your coming from Big big Hug Lots of love Robert

    PS CS Lewis is one of my favorite writers

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Welcome Thetis, look forward to reading more from you.

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