Witnesses "can't take the heat"

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  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    its not like we just changed job , changed towns or something...

    this religion swallowed 37 years of my life and well, yes, i too am going to need to talk a LOT about my new journey.

    apologists suck it up or go away.


  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass
    Have you ever heard a Witness say something like "why do apostates have to keep talking about the WTS/JW faith? Why don't they just go on with their lives? If they've found something better, why don't they just focus on that instead of us?" I've heard such statements and I've seen such statements written by purported JWs on this and other websites.

    I'm guilty of using this logic myself in one of my earlier threads. At the time I was under the influence of having just attended a 3-day convention. I understand now how ridiculous that argument is. I still however don't understand people who are an atheist but constantly bash the Bible.

    Blue Grass

  • MrFreeze

    Well Blue Grass I guess it's the same way that non-Mormons bash the book of Mormon or non-scientologists bash Dianetics.

  • Broken Promises
    Broken Promises

    Good thread!

  • WTWizard

    According to the witlesses, everything you say has to be in their favor. They cannot stand being thought of as only 85% true--and, if you mention a flaw in their religion, they have Marfan's syndrome about it. Yet, they require their members to do exactly that to people of every other religion--and bash the crap out of those other religions. As well, they expect people to disassociate themselves from any other religion; yet, if one disassociates from the witlesses, they can't stand it.


    JW's also seem quick to cry persecution just for disagreeing or being critical of their doctrines and beliefs. If that qualifies as persecution then JW's and the Watchtower are the biggest persecutors of the Catholic Church, other than maybe the KKK...


    garyneal said - "I recall one year, I wanted to take my wife out on a special New Year's Eve date while we were home visiting relatives over the holidays. It fell on meeting night (Wednesday) and since her mother is so devout, my wife followed suit. No advanced warning that she wanted to change her plans to favor her mother over me. She just changed them".

    I hear you garneal, that kind of thing happens to me all the time, I mean all the time. When my mother in law is around, my wife turns into an 5 year old little girl holding her mothers hand every where she goes...

  • Mary
    "why do apostates have to keep talking about the WTS/JW faith? Why don't they just go on with their lives? If they've found something better, why don't they just focus on that instead of us?"

    In addition to the comments made above, another reason 'apostates' keep talking about the WTS is because more often than not, you're not allowed to just "go on with their lives". It's a little thing they practice called 'enforced shunning' which basically destroys your relationship with your immediate family, extended family and friends whom you may love like family. All the people who made up the foundation of your life and with whom you probably shared alot of happy memories with, are now forced to look through you as though you do not exist. They're not allowed to even say "hi" to you. And why are they told to do this? Simply because we saw the man behind the curtain and decided we didn't believe everything they said anymore.

    The funny thing is: if the WTS would indeed just let us "go on with our lives" without trying to destroy us mentally, emotionally and spiritually, then I doubt that the vast majority of 'apostates' would even care what the WTS believes or not and would not be so "focused" on them.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    You got it, Mary. The shunning, as one of the most integral parts of their mind control network, keeps the Borg at the forefront of our lives long after we've stopped going through the motions of being a Dub.

  • gubberningbody

    WTWizard... I don't get the Marfan's syndrome reference. I know that's a medical disorder, but there doesn't seem to be any psychological component to it.


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