What I don't get is how JWs can't see how their ideas paint God to be a terrorist

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  • gubberningbody

    Me - "Whatcha doin?"

    JW - "Preaching to "save lives"?"

    Me - "Who's gonna do the killing?"

    JW - "Jehovah"

    Me - "Why?"

    JW - "Because they're bad."

    Me - "How do you know?"

    JW - "Anyone who doesn't obey Jehovah is bad."

    Me - "Really. Well what about the people who don't know?"

    JW - "That's why we preach."

    Me - "And why should people believe you guys overe every other group saying the same thin?"

    JW - "If they're good, they'll believe us."

    Me - "That so even if you don't behave much better than anyone else saying the same thing?"

    JW - "Yup."

    Me - "So what you're saying is that some kind of magic happens so people can see the INVISIBLE good in you guys and rank that as better then the VISIBLE good in everyone else?"

    JW - "Pretty much."

    Me - "That's seriously fcked up, dude."

    JW - "That's why Jehovah's gonna kill you at the big A"

    Me - "And you're cool with that?"

    JW - "Yup"

    Me - "You know your version of Jehovah sounds like a crazy terrorist."

    JW - "That's the way it looks to evil people."

    Me - "Somehow I thought you'd say something like that."

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    Too true. That's why many individual JWs come up with ideas that directly contradict WTS dogma on this matter. I've had many JWs deny that God will kill billions of Chinese/Muslims/etc who've never seen a Bible, much less a WT. These JWs claim that God will "read their hearts." Problem is that this teaching is not found in WTS publications and in fact it contradicts clear WTS doctrine, such as the "mark for survival" of Ezekiel 9.

    But here's the point. If (1) the WTS teaches that God will kill billions of people who've never heard "the message" (which it does), but (2) God really isn't going to do any such thing--rather he's going to "read hearts" as these JWs claim--then isn't the WTS blaspheming God by making him out to be a mass-murderer? When I was an active JW, I used to get indignant at Christendom for blaspheming God by saying he burns people in hellfire. Funny that JWs don't apply the same standard to their own religion that blasphemes God by claiming that he's going to kill billions of innocent/ignorant people imminently.

  • designs

    As JWs we had the big picture of Armageddon crammed into our heads and the nebulous and distant great battle after the 1000 years. The basis for most religions, Christian or otherwise, is to scare people and keep superstitions running rampant. Sit through some sermon by a Baptist or Pentecostal on Hell sometime, or the sweep it under the carpet Presbyterians, its dumb and dumber time.

  • Heaven

    JWs have no idea what they are really saying. They aren't thinking about it. It's like when I told my Dad that JWs lose credibility every time they say Armageddon is coming soon and it doesn't. I don't think he's ever really thought about it.

    I haven't received an answer to this question yet: Whose territory are these people in and how many magazines have they seen or RVs have occurred for them?:

    Remote Amazon Tribe

  • BluesBrother

    How come the J W do not see that their doctrines are basically evil?

    There must be a name for it as a piece of fallacious reasoning, although I cannot give it a name - the argument goes like this :

    a] The World is in a pretty poor state, millions starve, and die too young due to poverty and bad government.

    b] We need a better government to put the World right.

    c] Only God is big enough to govern mankind and bring peace and co operation to mankind

    d] Anyone who opposes this incoming government must be favour of the status quo and wants to see mankind keep suffering

    e] People like that do not deserve what God will bring and would spoil it

    f] They must die so that the "good people" can have a better world.....

    Most of us bought into it once .This reasoning is the same as is used by principled revolutionaries and terrorists everywhere who really believe that their cause is just and will benefit mankind, in the end...

    The difference is that J W's do not advocate a personal "armed struggle".....So far anyway !

  • PrimateDave

    The JW god throws the baby out with the bath water.

  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    "listen and understand. that terminator is out there. it can't be bargained with. it can't be reasoned with. it doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. and it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead."

  • mentallyfree31

    But at the same time, he's so loving and kind. He's the god of all comfort. Even if my parents disowned, he would take me under his wing.



  • gubberningbody

    Nancy, mentallyfree....

  • gubberningbody

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