Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 06-06-10 WT Study (YOUNG PEOPLE) TEST PLEASE FORGIVE ME

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  • BluesBrother

    8" Likewise, God-fearing parents today recognize the value of inculcating in their children’s hearts a longing for Bible truth right from the start. (Deut. 6:6-9) That is what Rubi, a Christian sister, did soon after the birth of her first son, Joseph. Each day, she read to him from My Book of Bible Stories. As he grew older, she helped him to memorize various scriptures. Did Joseph benefit from such training? Soon after learning to talk, he could relate many Bible stories in his own words. And when he was five years old, he gave his first talk in the Theocratic Ministry School."

    Interesting insight into the dub mind at my wife's meeting..Someone had said that they heard of pregnant "sisters" reading to the unborn "bump" and the child later seemed to show benefits...An Elder then said that it was a good thing since it would count as Ministry time and also a Return Visit on the report...

    Is that all they can think about???

  • blondie

    Bluesbrother, I wonder if the attendants count babies still in the womb for meeting attendance records? I remember an older male jw would routinely spend time walking on the beach with his 4 year old grandson and count those 2 was mentioned on a circuit assembly part by the CO, but that people should not do this. Only parents can count 4 hours teaching their children, not every family member or adult in the congregation.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Good job Blondie.



  • watson

    The younger they get baptized, the sooner they can strike fear in their hearts! Brilliant.

  • miseryloveselders

    Paragraph 13 I found to be especially repulsive, and irresponsible. So this "Cherie" was facing peer pressure to accept a full scholarship to persue higher education. When you think about peer pressure, you think underage drinking, sexual activity, drug abuse, joining a gang, cutting class, dropping out, and a host of other problems young people face. But, peer pressure to attain an education? She stated, "Knowing that I made a decision that pleases Jehovah makes me happy." So I'm left to think that attaining a degree is sinful, or immoral. My father who is a hardcore old school dub, confided in me, and said, "I bet that MEPS system they brag about wasn't produced by people who declined higher education." I had to laugh.

    When at the meeting today, I scanned the audience, and we have a handful of college students, and those with degrees in attendance including a couple Ministerial Servants and an Elder. This paragraph was disrespectful to them, particulary those young ones in college. Their service to this organization is tainted according to this paragraph because they chose to go to college instead of pioneering. Its ridiculous and offensive. Articles such as this, push people away from this organization, as it should. I almost wonder at times, if there's apostates on the writing department who purposely write this stuff with an agenda to help young people and thinking adults see how ludicrous this organization's stance on education is.

    One thing that was noticeably absent from this article, was encouragement to apply for Bethel. I remember when I was teen, I was pressured to consider going to Bethel. Thankfully my parents weren't deluded enough to see Bethel for what it is. My dad stated to me regarding this lesson, "what happens to all the young people who spent their years at Bethel, only to be laid off? Then those brothers in New York made it seem like a good thing, saying they're going to various congregations to help out. Help out with what??!?!" I don't know which way this organization is headed, too many mixed signals. But I do know where its been, and its chewed up and vomited many people's lives. They've never once apologized for how their handling of situations have ruined people. While typing this I feel such a fury in my blood. All the years I've wasted in my life for some old men in New York whom I've never met, who don't give a rat's a$$ about me. If the day ever comes, that I reach 60 and this sytem of things still exists, I'm going to take a trip to NYC, and with the last bit of strength I have, I'm going to burn as much as the WTS buildings down as I can. I put that on my last name.

  • MrFreeze

    At my meeting someone actually made a comment about a pair of 5 year old twins she heard about who said they wanted to get baptized and her point was "who are we to say what is too young". Really, are you serious?

  • garyneal

    My wife and I agreed that our daughter should not consider baptism into any church until she is at least in her 20's.

    There is precedent:

    I was baptized at 21, wife was baptized at 25.

    The greatest example, Jesus, was baptized at 30.

    I sincerely hope she holds up her end of the bargain as I plan to hold up my end.

    This study article is annoying at best:

    Like Carol, you young ones today who courageously stick to Bible principles may motivate honesthearted individuals to get to know Jehovah.

    honesthearted huh? What exactly does that mean?


    "It is downright sickening...these poor kids, not having a chance to think for themselves, to make a decent life for themselves...just being brain-washed perpetually with such nonsense. And it is all they know, so they accept it blindly. And it's written so childishly yet condescendingly."

    The difference between Jehovah's Witnesses and influential organizations like FOTF and similar organizations is they don't attempt to divulge their teachings into public schools systems and in effect indoctrinate other people's children with their ideas.

    The Future of Abstinence

    It's been a mainstay of sex ed for more than a decade. Now, as the Obama administration cuts off federal funding, the movement scrambles for money, determined to continue its mission.

    For as long as anyone can remember, McLennan County has been abstinence country. Nestled in the heart of Bible-Belt Texas, it's the kind of place where the local newspaper prints "In God We Trust" on the front page of every edition. "We're a very conservative community," says Jan Hungate, an assistant superintendent for the West Independent School District. So when the McLennan County Collaborative Abstinence Program (MCCAP) came to her a little more than a decade ago, offering an abstinence-only sex education program, she says, "It was the answer to our prayers. It was exactly the way we wanted to go." For years, each school was responsible for developing their own curriculum. Armed with the federal government's new abstinence-only grants, MCCAP offered to do the heavy lifting for free. They taught kids proper dating behavior, encouraged female students to think about their wedding days and why their virginity would matter then. In 2006 MCCAP had a $1 million budget, all from government grants, which they used to educate 6,000 to 7,000 students.

    But many of the abstinence advocates NEWSWEEK talked to thought such compromises were untenable, that they could not teach students to remain abstinent until marriage while demonstrating how to use condoms. "If the funding is for a different worldview, one that says you should give condoms to kids, that's not my belief system," says Unruh. "I think it's very harmful." She and others say it's a question of morals and values, which is not an area for compromise. "Our program indicates that sex is more than physical. It's emotional. There's a lot of different aspects," says Scott Phelps, who directs A&M Partnership, an Illinois-based provider of abstinence-only curriculums. The group has a federal grant that expires in 2013. "If I'm teaching all of that, and then I'm teaching contraception, what is contraception going to do for all those consequences? It would be sort of nonsensical."

  • Georgiegirl

    I agree and disagree with AIW on this one. First of all, "The difference between Jehovah's Witnesses and influential organizations like FOTF and similar organizations is they don't attempt to divulge their teachings into public schools systems and in effect indoctrinate other people's children with their ideas."

    (winces) There are sooooo many differences between JWs and these other organizations - not just this one. However, I recall many many talks where I was told that, as child in the school system, the entire school was my "special territory" and responsibility. Of course, I was one of the fortunate ones who actually got to go to school; many in my congregation were homeschooled, leaving them with a highly inadequate education. Such a disservice...

    Interestingly enough, studies have proven that teaching abstinence and only abstinence (not other forms of birth control) actually INCREASES teenage premarital sex and birthrate.

    Where I agree is that I think what is being done in Texas in re-writing the schoolbooks to reflect a right-wing Christian agenda is completely wrong.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Hey "miseryloves elders:" I wonder how Cherie (paragraph 13) will fel about her decision in five years? ten years?. I can't help but wonder how many of these "true life accounts" are examples of WT writers' "artistic license."

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