Okay I just got back from the Police department

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  • truthseekeriam

    That will be my next step if the elders don't back off after our recent request.

    I think it odd that all of a sudden they are really pushy..2 calls in one week wanting to meet with us? Of course that made my anxiety to act up again

    A friend recommended we not write a letter because everything we write and sometimes just their interpretation of what we write could work against us. Instead he said to leave a message at a time you know they wont be home (meeting day) and tell them emotionally you are not in the right place to deal with a meeting that would only upset us all over again.

    Well, so far it's seemed to work...

    I just don't get it! When you need them you get nothing and when you finally start to move on and feel good again...here they come, to stress you out!!

  • carla

    Can you send this Cease & Desist letter? I can assure you it will be sent to the local kh (if you attempt to send to the local kh they may not have an address & mailbox as ours does not) Check with Blondie or someone if the NY addy is still correct or should it be the Patterson addy?




    Watchtower Bible and Tract Society

    25 Columbia Heights

    Brooklyn, Ny 11201-2483


    Dear Sirs,

    Please notify all members of your congregation that consent, implied or otherwise, to visit my property at the address stated above for any purpose relating

    to the work of Jehovah's Witnesses or the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society has been revoked.

    I will consider any future visits to be an act of willful trespass and may prosecute to the full extent of the law, civil or criminal.

    You must not visit on the pretense of 'updating records'. Check the electoral roll for up to date ownership information.

    Notice has also been served to my local congregation located in the area of ________________________________________________________.

    I shall hold you both severally and jointly liable for any infratction of this notice to 'cease and desist'.

    You have been warned!


  • carla

    oops- ps- you must send each and every year otherwise they think you may have had a change of heart within the year.

  • FuzzyPaul

    Eight months or so after sending a letter warning against trespassing a lone elder came to my door asking if I still did not want calls! I told him to leave, he did not but kept writing on his territory card! I repeated it and stepped out onto the porch and said very firmly and loudly "Leave now, not when you feel like it." He did and I trailed him to the street in escort.

    Another pair of elders came to my door after that when they learned I had become Baptist. I said that they must leave, I was ignored and their demands for information continued. I said that I will call the Sheriff's office and my friends there will explain what that means. They left.

    They do not obey any laws if they don't wish to. Forgive me for my negativity.

    Bless you and search for the real Jesus,


  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    When my father died the PO and his wife came to my mother's house. My father had not attended a meeting in about a year and I don't know to this day how they knew that my father had died or what their purpose was in coming to the door. It's possible that a neighbor called them thinking they were doing a good deed in letting our "minister" know about my father's death.

    I saw them coming and went outside . I did not even allow them to get to the front steps. I told them to leave and never, ever come back to our house. As far as I know, they never did. Also, as far as I know, my mother was never DA'd. I know at her Memorial Gathering, her JW siblings were there and her brother-in-law spoke a few sentences and said that they hoped to see her again on earth.

    My father's death was a long time ago. Maybe things have changed now. But in my emotional state, I was probably downright scary when I told them to leave and get off our property and never return. But I never saw them again. I pretty much let out a lot of grief, anger and hatred on them. But it worked. There was no question of my stand.

  • ziddina

    IsaacJ22: " I live in a small town and went to a big congregation, so I couldn't even go shopping without bumping into a JW who'd proceed to let me have it in public. ..."

    TruthSeekerIAm: "I think it odd that all of a sudden they are really pushy..2 calls in one week wanting to meet with us?..."

    FuzzyPaul: "Another pair of elders came to my door after that when they learned I had become Baptist. I said that they must leave, I was ignored and their demands for information continued...."

    Good frikkin' grief... When I DA'd, NO-one came by to bother me, though I did receive one phone call from a former JW girlfriend, trying to arrange a meeting with me - on a WORK night!!!

    I'm feeling kinda ignored, now... I never had a visit from a single elder, ministerial servant - no one...

    But, if they HAD come after me.... I would have some 'literature' prepared for them - perhaps a list of the dates when "Armageddon" was supposed to have come - starting out with 1879, and complete with copies of the OLD literature...

    Then there's the flip-flop on organ transplants... Flip-flop on resurrection of the people of Sodom & Gomorrah... Contradictions pulled from their own literature would have the greatest effect, I suspect...

    Isaac, if someone "let me have it" in public like that, I'd come roaring right back with the worst of the Watchtower idiocy - that "Awake" with pix of all the dead children on it, the "Awake" article [July 2009?] titled, "Is It Wrong to Change Your Religion?", their belief that everyone's going to die at "Armageddon" - except THEM, of course...

    If they're going to attempt to embarass you in public, fire right back at 'em - and frankly, with the sheer idiocy incorporated into many Watchtower teachings, you have the better "ammo"!!

    That might scare them away!!! Heh, heh... Zid

  • IsaacJ22

    At the time, I had fully decided to leave the WTS. Only that I needed space to figure out why I was attending meetings and if it was worth it. I was having doubts about it being the one, true religion, but hadn't made up my mind yet. The pressure actually accelerated my "deconversion" because I got tired of not knowing what to say.

  • dby

    document document document.!!!!! A journal with times and dates and your phone use w/ pics. Our phones are used as documented "pings" where the stalker is.

    It stalks both ways for police

    This goes a very long way with taking it personaly.

  • LisaRose

    I get it, I have had the same problem. I have been called on eight times after my first request to be on the do not call list. I have mailed and given in person a letter, plus called on the phone. It's to the point of lunacy. Nobody here knows me, so it's not personal, I think they are just incompetent. I was shaken at first, standing up to a JW in person and calling them on their ridiculous doctrine was hard, but I finally decided to just go with it, the last guy got a ten minute reverse witness, re 1914, child abuse, negativity, etc. I told them I am much happier since leaving, etc. Meanwhile another brother I'd about to blow a gasket trying to get the guy away from me, hehe, I told I would call the police next time. The police here have said they will deal with it, they have gotten numerous complaints.

    Stupid azzhats.

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