The Story of Randall Watters part II - Trouble at Bethel

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  • PSacramento

    I recall the last study I had with a bethel elder, we spoke abot a few issues I had and I raised some of my many concerns and I showed the documentation of which I based those concerns from.

    He asked where I got this information and I said the net and a few websites for ex-jw's.

    He said that he knows all about them and that I should go on them because they are apostate, especially that " Randy Watters site".

    Now, I have to be honest, I had gone on freeminds a few times bit I didn't know it was "that Randy Watter's site", but I was curious as to why this former bethelite mentioned it by name, so of course I went on it even more, LOL !

    Now I see even MORE why he said not to go on it, LOL !

    Thanks so much for all the info and for opening up your life to us strangers Randy, it pains me that you had to go through this but we all travel the path that is our life.

  • Dogpatch

    Thanks Mr. Flipper, you are a great asset to this site, and I do read your comments when I can. Thank you for helping so many!


  • BluesBrother

    Thank you for posting up this story, Randy. I have read a lot of your stuff on Freeminds ( It is where I started in my internet research, so I guess I owe you one !) Seeing this put down here so clearly is a great asset.

    You are a

  • Alfred

    "Others were implicated and disfellowshipped as well, such as fellow translators Nestor Kuilan and his wife, as well as Rene Vazquez."

    Recently, my wife and I have become friends with Nestor Kuilan and his wife Toni... he's 73 years old now and doing extremely well. He has some really interesting stories about bethel and his time in Spain as missionary and CO... I've been trying to convince him to tell his story here but he prefers to leave the past behind him. He is literally the kindest most humble person I have ever met.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run


    Very impressive. You write so well. Somehow your stories are relatively short but they also contain color. When I lived in the East Village, my apt faced a private garden. Thank God. When I worked in the financial district, I was only so many feet from a gargoyle in my line of vision. Your views of Brooklyn and the lower Manhattan skyline are amazing. People would pay a fortune for those views. The energy of the city, and the world financial center, is so apparent. The WT enemy must have been ever present and tempting. Unless one was so terrified, one withdrew. It would beckon me.

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