District Conventions: The Single People/Wanna Be Married Opportunity

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  • mentallyfree31

    As the conventions started today in my home state, I can't help but think of the hundreds of JW young people that I know who are still single, esp those over 25. It's really sad that for so many this is their ONLY chance of finding somebody to date. Some that I know have even crossed over into their 30's, and they go year after year, always talking about the possibility of meeting someone special.

    The organization literally controls their minds, and dating and marriage to a non-JW is out of the question. It's so sad that so many have missed out on their life's dreams of having a family and companionship.

    Especially tragic is if some of these "awaken" and realize that WT has robbed them of a lifetime of possible happiness.

    The only word I can come up with is SAD. What other way can it be described? The things this organization has done to people is unforgivable.


  • ziddina

    Oh, man...

    Been there, done that...

    In fact, that helped drive me out of the cult... I didn't like their "anti-marriage" attitudes, and there weren't ANY good men in the JWs, far as I could see... I'm speaking from personal experience, too, since I DID marry a JW boy for my 1st marriage - and it was a disaster!!!

    After I divorced, the pickings were even thinner... So I started dating "worldly" guys, and found that they were much nicer, more interesting, more mature...

    As I said, that was a major factor in getting me out... Zid

  • DaCheech

    I know this man in his 50's, with no mate and Micheal Emilio told him: "make sure she is very spiritual and piosneer"

    there goes his chances at some happiness!

  • SirNose586

    Oh yeah, I'm glad to be out of that mess. The only good thing to do was stand above crowds at the stadium and look down at all the sisters...

  • LostnFound

    I remember checking out all the guys- nothing ever amounted to anything. I'm embarrassed to think how much of a 'meat market' it was because it only happened once a year, and if you didn't meet a guy- you knew some other girl would snap him up. In my circuit there was a lack of guys, lots of girls but no guys. Several of my former friends are still single. (And then there are those who are waiting for their 'perfect mate' in the New System... Glad I am living my life now).

    I don't miss those days!

  • EmptyInside

    Yes, that is one of the reasons, I was always so miserable at conventions. I think when conventions were more than three days and you could volunteer in food service, there was more of a chance of meeting someone. Now, all volunteering is done through your local congregation. And for the sisters, it's cleaning the ladies room. No, chance of meeting a man in there, not the kind you want to go out with anyway.

    Plus, dating for marriage, puts so much pressure on a couple who are just starting to get to know one another. Oh, well, I can't handle dealing with all that another year. Hopefully, no more conventions for me.

  • Gayle

    ??"Myriads and myriads of brothers" ?? Where? Where? as several of us girls sang and questioned many years ago. :)

  • EmptyInside

    One sister compared the brothers to a parking lot. The good ones are all taken and the rest are all handicapped.

    But, as a disclaimer there are exceptions to this rule. There are married jerks and nice, single ones.

    But, it is no fun being single and over 30 in the organization. All the articles on singleness, do not help either

  • StoneWall

    For all of you sisters looking for an available brother, look no further than a poster on here with the handle BANE.

    He is coming to a District Convention near you and he isn't afraid to tote the company line.

    When they say company man, they mean BANE.

    When they say do as we say unreservedly and unquestionly, they mean BANE.

    When they say something that don't even make sense, then reverse it with new light, then years later go back to

    what they originally left to begin with.....they mean stick with them like BANE.

    So look no further my dear sisters than that lovable,hugable, completely irresistable member named BANE.

    If he can't get you to go back running as fast as you can to the Watchtower Organization, then no one can.

    And did I mention he is also one of our newest members on this forum. Thats an added bonus.

    So fill out your pioneer forms and just hope that it will be enough for him to at least glance your direction.

    So in conclusion after this years District Conventions only one name should stick out as a potential mate.


  • african GB Member

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