Why are they so anal about assembly badges?

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  • DaCheech

    i have to wear badges for my secular conventions/shows.

    there is no rule for wearing them outside!

    the witless rule of wearing them 100% of the weekend is assenine

  • Poztate

    Identity badges help in identifying who's a JW and who's not.

    thetrueone has the basic reason... Security.

    Attendants will and always have kept a closer watch on persons who have no badge.

    At large venues everywhere some persons try to infiltrate (not just JW conventions) to shoplift,steal or disrupt.

    It is easier to keep track of people if you can disregard those with badges. Now with Photoshop that can be a harder and harder job.

  • Pandoras cat11
    Pandoras cat11

    Me and the hubby always wore the badges as well. It always made holes in my clothes!!! I am sure the badge holders have come a long way now. When my children were born the stinking badges came off----mothers can relate to this----your kids when they are on your lap grab at them or even poke themselves with the edge of holder. If the pin came unhooked your boob would get stuck!! OUCH. Good times.

  • Gregor
  • besty

    I have a 2010 badge as a pdf if anyone wants one - PM me your email address and 5 dollah and I will email it to you prompt.

  • Found Sheep
    Found Sheep

    if you put your congregation they can contact the right elders if you do anything wrong plus it shows who goes to meedings

  • SirNose586
  • EmptyInside

    Now, your service overseer hands out the badges, and at my hall they already have your name on it.

    Speaking of anal, my congregation, using a stop watch during the Bible highlights, to make sure the comments do not exceed 30 seconds. This of course, is under the direction of the "Slave".

  • StAnn

    Since you have to get your name badge from your service overseer, apostates won't get a badge. Making the active JWs wear a badge helps everyone spot the apostates, who aren't good enough to have badges. Then the attendants can follow them around all through the assembly to make sure they don't tell anyone the truth about "the Truth."



  • african GB Member
    african GB Member

    StAnn: good comment lol

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