District Assembly Dramas - where the heck do they come from?

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  • serenitynow!

    For the longest time I did not realize that they were lip synching. I gotta admit I shed a tear or two at the prodigal son drama (being inactive and all). The quality seems to have gone down.

  • miseryloveselders

    you didn't realize they're lip synching Serenity? When you see someone dressed up to be the Apostle Paul, and he's darker than a Somalian, but speaks like Peter Parker, than chances are they're lip synching.

  • crownboy

    I was part of one drama in 1993 when I was 11. It was the drama about a Witness who "put Jehovah first" through his lifetime and was remembering various points through his early life while writing a letter to his parents. I was his youngest incarnation.

    When I was that age I always hated dramas like the one I was in that was fully "modern". I much preferred the ones with the costumes and robes that were based in the olden times. But I have to admit I did have a lot of fun doing it at the time.

    I also remember how strict the drama coordinator was about us not showing the script to other people. Like we had national security secrets or something .

  • SixofNine

    True story: They had me play the part of the Ethiopian eunuch - in black face. I kid you not. The only Ethiopian I knew of was Haile Selassie, so I got in character by watching newsreel footage of King Selassie giving speeches. I even found a costume crown similar to the Ethiopian regent's, and would wear that to remind me to stay in character during the weeks preceding the convention.

    So anyway, this brother from NYC took a shine to my character and would call me "crownboy". Is that a weird co-inky-dink or what?

    :P~ How ya doin' dude?!

  • crownboy

    Funny story Six.

    Were there no brothers of African ancestry available to do dramas in that area of Texas? Seems like that may have made more sense than turning you into Al Jolson . Also, since it was important for you to be in character as an Ethiopian, why not also as a eunuch?

    I'm doing fine, happy to hear from you. I guess internet service in Djibouti is surprisingly good . Just keep your daughter away from those new history textbooks your state is about to issue.

  • foolsparadise

    When I was a teenager I knew everyones attention was focused on the drama. My mom and dad always had a blanket with us in addition to all our books and stuff. I would spread the blanket over myself and put my feet up on the seat in front of me and masturbate through the whole drama. Sometimes I would get dirty looks from hot looking sisters in front of me because they got mad my feet were on their seat. This made the experience much better! I had to act like i was cold and totally interested in the drama. So I guess I could say the dramas were spectacular!

  • tiki

    foolsparadise...you are B-A-D!!

    those dramas were so corny it was pathetic. and everyone would be soooo excited about it all...like it was such a big fantastic thing.

  • Jazzbo

    The historical fabrications and inaccuracies that have shown up in some dramas the last few years just drive me nuts. The projection of 21st century situations on to the 1st or even earlier centuries to try to make some point reaches the point of being ludicrous.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Last I knew, the dramas were written by Teaching Committee drones.

  • jookbeard

    many years ago(I was a small boy) after the final day of a DA they were dismantling the stage and selling the props and stuff from the drama , a big rock caught my eye and I asked my daddy if he could buy it for me, my daddy being the tight ass he was refused, I cried. I was so terribly disappointed , it seemed so unfair.

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