Why can't the elders MIND THEIR BUSINESS!

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  • WTWizard

    It might be time for a disassociation letter--or flat out refusing to quit associating with someone who is disfellowshipped. If more people would do that, the religion would shrink, and pretty soon they would no longer be able to count to 7 million. In fact, they might make it down below 2 million, and those 2 million left would be the ones most likely to commit something that would make it into mainstream news and bring shame and reproach on Jehovah's name and the organization.

  • jwfacts

    I was told by the elders I would be disfellowshipped if I did not stop speaking with a disfellowshipped brother. That was the beginning of the end for me. I already did not believe the doctrine but that made me realize how petty minded it all was and that I did not want to be looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life. I stopped going to meetings after that. I hope your friend feels the same.

  • babygirl30

    Well, my gf was good friends with this JW neighbor...honestly, she helped nurse this JW back to health after having surgery all of 8 mos ago!!!! The JW neighbor is the 'bored housewife' type and felt comfortable enough to stroll in and out of my gf's house (since it's right next door) whenever she felt like it...after my gf had surgery, it just so happened that SAME day I was coming by with food, this JW neighbor had helped herself in the house to visit with my gf (who had her non-JW family visiting there at the same time)!

    Now apparently, the elder started coming at my girls MOM (who lives with her) and questioning HER about my gf's whereabouts! My gf spoke up and told them that they needed to leave her mom out of it - and that if they wanted to know something they needed to speak to HER. I told her that when they asked her "is there anything else you want to make us aware of?" that they were setting her up...they have knowledge of something and wanted to basically catch her in a lie or motivate her to confess. Also, as mentioned, the whole "this is serious" is nothing more then a threat - and I'd be damned if some lowlife elder gunning for circuit work (whom is known for having abusive tendencies) is gonna warn ME about who I talk to and scold me like some child! Gf told the elders that she knew they were only doing what they had to do but that as an adult, she has to do the same!

    Gf and I hav had discussions about 'the truth' and she has admitted that there's a lot she knows isn't true and doesn't agree with things - but again, the FEAR of getting Df'd and losing the routine she has been accustomed to, is too much to bear. Although the JW neighbor was told (by my gf) that she really had no right to 'tattle' - especially since she lives in a glass house!

  • RosePetal

    Hi babygirl My brother in law lost his position as Elder in the congo because he was still associating with his daughter. My sister was still seeing her daughter and her relationship didn't change at all, having meals spending days together going shopping. Her daughter is married to a non JW and has children. My sister insisted on still seeing her and her grandchildren. The elders went to see them and advised that they stop associating as it was stumbling the congo but my sister stood her ground and pointed out that it was her conscience. As my sister has poor health she felt that she needed her daughter and I agreed with her.

    We also carried on associating with her and socialising my niece said that the brothers and sisters she had known for years and grew up with were treating her like she was a dirty person even though her life was normal married with children. A good wife and mother. They would ignore her.

    But the irony is that when my hubby and I resigned they disowned us and refuse to see us or speak to us, eben my niece who we still gave unconditional love kindness to is shunning us. It was the situation with my sister and niece that helped bring things that were already not sitting right with us and feeling something wrong with the org. to a head.

    I hope this helps your friend and makes her think and wake up to the cult hold they have over people and be brave enough to make a stand unfortunately although my niece does not believe it and celebrates christmas etc. she is still shunning me my hubby and my daughter [her cousin] it is fear that holds her to it.

    Love RosePetal

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