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  • not a captive
    not a captive

    If it God wanted me to be really scared he would have given me everlasting life to begin with. As it is I just expect the end is near because I've done 58 of my three-score-and-ten.

    Armageddon might not be so bad if it just takes you out without having to pay for medical cost and funeral.

    The WTS tries to create interest with this question? I guess they get to mention their chronology now, or what? Really it makes me tired to think of all the tedious reasonings they employ to make you buy their life insurance.

    God is better than that. Jesus of the gospels is a good way to go. He didn't get much into the "doctrine" stuff, he said he was the way the truth and the life, told us not to lord it over each other and spead his good news. And he promised he'd send the spirit to guide us.

    Mainly, he told us to be good to each other.

    If I end my life doing what Jesus told me to do, my neighbors will be happy and when I die I'll find out if I made God happy.

    The WT magazines make me tired.

  • upnorth

    I wonder if those morons think the anti-Christ is going to be a week long event ?

    And then you have to factor in a pre-millennial or post-millennial rapture

    and then you have to factor in any Revelations that haven't occurred since Christ walked the earth

    and then factor in human error

    and you need to factor in blatant intentional misinterpretation of biblical prophecy

    and the add to it all, the (apparently) least important fact left to factor in

    Man can not predict the end and he (we) are idiots for trying to predict the end

    I think I answered a question that wasn't asked

  • MsDucky

    Yes, the end is near! bart moon

  • hubert

    So, is this a photo shop, or a real Watchtower cover?


  • pirata

    I'd be suprised if it's real. I doubt they'd put a picture of the earth being blown up on the cover to signify "the end"

  • yknot

    Yep that is the Aug public WT!


    The presentation given in the July KM says.....

    "Many people fear that a nuclear war or a climate change will ruin or destroy the earth. Do you thing that will ever happen? [Allow for response.] Notice what the Bible says on this subject. [Read Revelations 11:18.] This magazine answers four common questions about the end of the world.


    Answer if I was feeling contrary.....

    (Matthew 24:35) Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will by no means pass away.

  • StAnn

    If they really believed the end is near, they wouldn't have wasted time coming up with the new "overlapping Generation" definition that buys them as much time as they could ever want, centuries and centuries into the future.


  • StoneWall

    Hubert asked:

    So, is this a photo shop, or a real Watchtower cover?

    Sad to say that it is a real cover as yknot has already pointed out.

    If you want some more confirmation you can go to the Watchtowers site at

    and see for yourself under downloads. You will see the image of covers for both the public edition(this one) and the

    congregation's one(private) for the month of August. (other ones/months are there as well, not just these)

    After a certain amount of time they will take these down to make room for Sept. and other months coming up, so

    if you want to check may want to do it before too much time lapses.

  • hubert

    Thanks, Stonewall.

    Now that I know it is real, I'll find one or two of these. I like to stock the real thing, so the j.w.'s can't say "the apostates messed with them".

    I'll be hunting a couple of these babies down, for sure.


  • pirata

    It is real! That's crazy. All the householders who see the magazine but don't take it will end up thinking that JWs belive the world is going to blow up.

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