Girls - what subject got you thinking?

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  • loosie

    well my hubby was the one that got me thinking. I listened to him .. at first I thought he was just a bitter Df'd man, but the he showed me the Un thing, that combined with how the "loving" brothers treated him, we left.

  • sherah

    Lack of love in congregation, child molestation scandal and the UN scandal started the wheels turning for me. Once I was able to see first-hand the hypocrisy of the organization on these matters, i was receptive to the "deeper" things about the WT (607, Generation, Blood fractions, etc). WT quickly lost any credibility and authority in my eyes.

    I also hated the way women are view and treated in the congregations. And if you are single, you are damn near invisible. I had to work at establishing "friendships" and social get-togethers otherwise I would be left out. The whole routine got tired and old, I was ready for change.

  • meangirl

    I always hated how women were treated and viewed, it just never felt right to me. I remember when we first started going studying the old family life book and how demeaning it was to women. I was 12 and remember getting so mad. Also the molestation cover ups got to me. Tell your wife to put in the society's CD and type in keyword rape.....all I can say is wow. Two qoutes from the watchtower back in the 70's really bothered me:


    2. They instructed women to treat their rapist with respect....again WTF?

  • aSphereisnotaCircle

    Many many things.

    But the big one was the day I realized my daughters were going to have a life like mine if I continued living as I did.

    No, no way in hell, no way were they going to get the chance to treat my girls like they had treated me, hell no.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side

    Spaghetti always makes me think. But I'm not always in my proper mind

  • mindmelda

    I can't really believe deep down that any women truly wants to be treated the way JWs are supposed to treat women...who in their right mind wants to be totally submissive to another person all the time simply because they have a Y chromosome and outdoor plumbing and you don't?

    How exactly does that give anyone the right or ability to have that degree of control over someone who happens to have two X chromosomes and indoor plumbing?

    The Witnesses make it sound so nice, that you're supposed to be cherished and cared for and all that, and that's fine, no one minds that, but bad news is that the Bible does confirm that, at least during the time it was written, that men OWN women they're married or related to, which is just bullshit, and not even legal in most first world countries for a good reason.

    People owning people means the owned person is legally designated as PROPERTY. For thousands of years, men believed they owned women and children and it was good for them, but history has proved otherwise. It wasn't good for anyone, which is why it changed.

    Just because that was true for thousands of years didn't make it a great thing. It just was and it SUCKED.

    Name me one instance where women and children being property was actually of benefit to them? Nah, you can't because it wasn't.

    Who the hell wants to be property when they can be a PERSON, which gives you actual rights and some power over your life? You'd have to be crazy to want someone else to own you, unless you're a dog. Even cats hate being owned!

  • Heaven

    When I was 16, the Washtowel tried to tell me that I had to, as a wife, 'subject' myself to my husband. I looked up the word 'subject' and was appalled. There was no way in a million years I could do that to myself.

    (edited to add: tee hee hee! Girls! I haven't been called that for about 15 years now. )

  • Desilusionnee

    When you have children, you’re very sensible to the theme of child abuse. That was the first point ... Then it was the domino effect (UN scandal, OSCE….)


  • wannabefree

    Thank you for your comments, I appreciate the insight. I have discussed different topics with my wife but she just seems to go on as though nothing was said on the subject. She seems like a stepford wife (towards the religion anyway).

  • palmtree67

    When my son was 18, he told my ex-husband and I that he didn't want to go to the meetings.

    That very night ( it was on the Friday of the CO's visit ) my husband kicked him out with only the clothes on his back.

    My heart broke that night, and I have never recovered.

    Every fiber of my being screamed "This is WRONG!!!!!"

    My husband went to the meeting and left me in body-wracking sobs, as my son drove away.

    I will never forget that night. I knew for a fact I was in the wrong religion.

    (And the wrong marriage, but that's another story.)

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